Packages by Shannon T. Holloway

AsynchLong — 2.1

Regression Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data

CONCUR — 1.3

Copy Number Profile Curve-Based Association Test

ChangepointTesting — 1.0

Change Point Estimation for Clustered Signals

DOVE — 1.5

Durability of Vaccine Efficacy

DynTxRegime — 4.9

Methods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes

FastKM — 1.0

A Fast Multiple-Kernel Method Based on a Low-Rank Approximation

GGMridge — 1.1

Gaussian Graphical Models Using Ridge Penalty Followed by Thresholding and Reestimation

ICODS — 1.0

Data Analysis for ODS and Case-Cohort Designs with Interval-Censoring

JMdesign — 1.1

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data - Power Calculation

OTRselect — 1.0

Variable Selection for Optimal Treatment Decision

POINT — 1.1

Protein Structure Guided Local Test

POSTm — 1.1

Phylogeny-Guided OTU-Specific Association Test for Microbiome Data

SurvLong — 1.1

Analysis of Proportional Hazards Model with Sparse Longitudinal Covariates

VEwaning — 1.1

Vaccine Efficacy Over Time

dtrSurv — 1.2

Dynamic Treatment Regimes for Survival Analysis

highTtest — 1.1

Simultaneous Critical Values for t-Tests in Very High Dimensions

modelObj — 4.0

A Model Object Framework for Regression Analysis

ramsvm — 2.2

Reinforced Angle-Based Multicategory Support Vector Machines

subdetect — 1.1

Detect Subgroup with an Enhanced Treatment Effect