METACRAN is a (somewhat integrated) collection of small services around the CRAN repository of R packages. It contains this website, a mirror at GitHub, a database with API, package search, database of package downloads (from the RStudio mirror), tools to check R packages on GitHub, etc.

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METACRAN is not a CRAN project. No METACRAN services use any of the CRAN mirrors or other CRAN infrastructure, other than downloading new and updated packages and other files.

METACRAN is not a separate R package repository. It contains exactly the same packages as CRAN itself.


Yes, please! METACRAN is developed completely in the open. All code and files are on Github at https://github.com/metacran .

Report bugs

Found an error on this web site? Really sorry about it. Please report it in the issue tracker. Pull requests are also more than welcome.

Found a METACRAN bug? METACRAN projects have issue trackers, see the list of projects on GitHub. If you can't choose a project, use this one.

Code, design, ideas, etc,

Are all welcome! Send pull requests or just open issues please.