Java GUI for R

Java GUI for R - cross-platform, universal and unified Graphical User Interface for R. For full functionality on Windows and Mac OS X JGR requires a start application which depends on your OS.


Change Log

1.8-6 (2018-07-11) o added "javaArgs" and "jgrArgs" to "JGR()" function o prevent NullpointerExceptions when saving output o use "rm(list=setdiff(ls(), "pkg"))" for clearing workspace

1.8-5 (2017-12-09) o hide irritating stacktraces for now

1.8-4 (2017-09-24) o fixed JAR content for Windows

1.8-3 (2017-09-22) o found a way around last CRAN Warning

1.8-2 (2017-09-20) o fixed last CRAN NOTE

1.8-1 (2017-09-20) o fixed some more NOTEs

1.8-0 (2017-09-20) o moved to o build R package with gradle, with one simple ./gradlew build o simple mkdist o fixed some R CMD CHECK --as-cran NOTES

1.7-18 (2017-09-11) o use ls(all=TRUE) to delete workspace

1.7-17 (2015-01-20) o fixed REXPMissmatchExceptions thrown by refreshObjects o changed getting httpPort

1.7-16 (2013-12-21) o Added launchJGR for JGR launcher 2.0 compatibility. This allows JGR to be launched directly from R maintaining all environmental variables and paths of all packages. o New Mac and Windows launchers. o JGR preferences no longer determine library paths. This had caused problems with R upgrades. o DataTable menu item changed to Data Table. o Added JGR icon replacing the default Java icon in the Windows tray. o Removed nested border from console split pane, and added padding for the text. o Updated object browser to be organized by class, and have icons to bring up contextual menus. o Added save support for data.frames in the Object Browser.

1.7-15 (2013-05-10) o minor fixes for CRAN NOTEs o R 3.0.x adaptions

1.7-11 (2012-09-16) o Adapt to JavaGD 0.6 release

1.7-10 (2012-09-04) o New object browser o Moved many calls to R off the GUI eval thread and made them cancelable. o Console remembers last height and width.

1.7-9 (2011-11-16) o fixed help search engine for R 2.14.x

1.7-8 (2011-10-24) o Added support for loading xls and xlsx files o implemented temporary fix for infinite recursion crash on mac os x o new icon set (KDE Crystal)

1.7-7 (2011-05-22) o fixed CRAN warnings

1.7-6 (2011-05-21) o add check for old GOMP and warn on the command line if present

1.7-5 (2011-03-20) o JGR() now launches new console on mac/windows

1.7-4 (2011-01-02) o fixed issues with locating package paths o Added R code auto-formatting to Editor o In editor, run on an empty selection runs line and advances caret. o Added italic comment preference item o read.spss now uses option

1.7-3 (2010-10-09) o fixed escaping of characters

1.7-2 (2010-09-24) o removed some deprecated functions o redirect Java stdout to JGR console o Fixed MacOS JavaGD resize deadlock bug o Added JavaGD save support for png, jpeg, bmp, and tiff o Added ability to insert new menus, menu items, separators, and sub-menus. Menus and menu items can be removed. o Fixed 100% CPU on start-up bug o Cancel button fixed on unix systems o use rJava 0.8-6

1.7-1 (2010-03-27) o use rJava 0.8-3

1.7-0 (2009-10-28) o switched to REngine API (Callbacks are still RNI) o RPackageManager resizable o use rJava 0.8 o preference to avoid "Save workspace dialog" o set working directory when opening workspace o JGRHelp is a fully used as browser (JGR now can only be used with R 2.10)

1.6-8 (2009-08-20) o new rJava version

1.6-7 (2009-06-10) o fixed version number

1.6-6 (2009-06-08) o fixed editor file loading with multiple instances

1.6-5 (2009-06-07) o new preference dialog o re-enabled help-agent in editor o fixed Load data dialog, when choosing own set name

1.6-4 (2009-06-01) o added informative error message when JRI is missing o Fixed output buffering. Displaying large output to console is faster. o reactivated possibility to set dataset name when loading a datafile o Fixed "Open Recent" in Editor o Fixed "Clear Console" command o Restructured menu to be consistent with RGui o ObjectManager, PackageManager, PackageInstaller as singleton o Editor, Datatable with automatic placement

1.6-3 (2009-02-07) o back and forward buttons in help browser remember page position o new datafile loader, which includes guessing of separator o some minor bugfixes/changes to the editor

1.6-2 (2008-07-24) o Windows launcher now supports --libpath=xx and --rhome=xx command line arguments to override the location of R (by default taken from the registry) or the location of libraries (default is R_HOME/library). In addition default stack size has been increased to 512Mb and can be changed using -Xmx.. argument. o Mac and Windows launchers no longer set R_DEFAULT_PACKAGES but instead requested packages are loaded in JGR on startup. This should make it easier to switch R versions. (launcher version is now 1.61) o Unix start script will also no longer set R_DEFAULT_PACKAGES at startup

1.6-1 (2008-06-18) o fixed Editor close behavior using the framecross o fixed ObjectBrowser NullpointerException

1.6-0 (2008-06-15) o load .JGRhistory from R working directory o new launchers -> JGR loads JGR R package itself

1.5-18 (2008-04-15) o fixed menu in TextPager and JavaGD

1.5-17 (2008-04-13) o fixed DataTable menu

1.5-16 (2008-04-12) o real Swing Menu o add grDevices to default packages

1.5-15 (2008-04-08) o fixed indentation and toggle comment

1.5-14 (2008-04-04) o fixed fonttracker for editor o set always native look&feel o fixed printin line number o fixed meta+enter shortcut for running commands from editor

1.5-13 (2008-03-31) o fixed fontsize bug, when changing fontsize in syntaxcoloring mode

1.5-12 (2008-03-30) o r-dev compatible o fixed some more bugs related to linenumbers in editor

1.5-11 (2008-03-27) o fixed text-selection using mouse

1.5-10 (2008-03-23) o fixed about/rhelp in editor o added increase/decrease menuitems to Editor

1.5-9 (2008-03-21) o editor: fixed overprinting linenumbers o added editor font managment to JGR preferences

1.5-8 (2007-12-08) o fixed coloring in editor o fixed Code completion in editor o disabled "Help Agent" in editor for now (has to be newly developed)

1.5-7 (2007-11-15) o fixed shortcuts for Windows

1.5-6 (2007-10-19) o setwd on Windows Vista o don't show ~ in Editor o allow to use META+ENTER for executing R commands in editor

1.5-5 (2007-09-04) o raise Java stack limit to 512MB (in the run script) o fixed "Load DataFile dialog" for Windows (Sun fixed a bug in Java) 1.5-4 (2007-08-31) o fix closing Console window when select Cancel

1.5-3 (2007-08-31) o fix escaping of . in command completion

1.5-2 (2007-08-22) o print support for editor (b&w)

o	fix run script for rJava 0.5

o	make run script executable by default

1.5-1 (2007-08-05) o java backend changes

o   new Editor based on JEDIT

o   JGR is running on Windows Vista

1.4-17 (2007-05-29) o adapt to JRI API 1.8 change

o	make mkdist more portable (now works on Windows)

1.4-16 (2007-04-24) o adapt to Sys.putenv change in R 2.5.0

o	prevent Java from setting LC_NUMERIC to a non-C default
which will break R (thanks to Frederik Elwert for testing)

o	fix incompatibilities of some shells in the run script
(thanks to Frederik Elwert for a crucial hint)

o	fix SVN properties on some files

o	add NEWS

Reference manual

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1.8-6 by Markus Helbig, 8 months ago

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Authors: Markus Helbig <[email protected]> , Simon Urbanek , Ian Fellows

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Depends on rJava, JavaGD

Suggests XLConnect

System requirements: Java JDK 1.4 or higher

Imported by mutossGUI.

Depended on by CADStat, Deducer.

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