R Interface to the 'PostgreSQL' Database System

Database interface and 'PostgreSQL' driver for 'R'. This package provides a Database Interface 'DBI' compliant driver for 'R' to access 'PostgreSQL' database systems. In order to build and install this package from source, 'PostgreSQL' itself must be present your system to provide 'PostgreSQL' functionality via its libraries and header files. These files are provided as 'postgresql-devel' package under some Linux distributions. On 'macOS' and 'Microsoft Windows' system the attached 'libpq' library source will be used.


Version 0.6-2

o   dbGetQuery do not return NULL.
o   use registration mechanism to call native routines.

Version 0.5-3

o   Update the libpq library so that the package can be compiled in new versions of R and macOS.

Version 0.5-2

o   Support dbBegin() API

version 0.5-1 --2014-02-08

o   Remove segmentationfault when NULL is passed as host argument.

o   Conversion routine for raw in R and bytea in PostgreSQL

o   Use accompanied libpq when either of libpq and header is not found on darwin

Version 0.5 -- 2013-10-12

o   postgresqlWriteTable: send column names at COPY

o   System library header search path for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

o   Memory leak was reduced
o   Close the socket on failure

Version 0.4 -- 2013-03-27

o   Initial implementation of prepared statement

o   Use system libpq library when available on OS X (darwin)

o   Force ISO datestyle for PostgreSQL-R communication by default

o   Time zone aware Timestamp POSIXct conversion

Version 0.3-3 -- 2012-10-05

o   Bugfix on dbColumnInfo and others reproducible by gctorture(TRUE)

o   Do not implicitly make new connections, which interfere with transaction.

o   Change the notation of the LICENSE

Version 0.3-2 -- 2012-01-10

o   Adapt to the new windows toolchain.

o   Do not make libpq.dll on windows but just make libpq.a and link it,
    so that libpq.dll need not copied anymore.

Version 0.3-1 -- 2011-12-31

o   Remove GNU make dependency.

Version 0.3-0 -- 2011-12-29

o   The bundled libpq source codes are used under darwin as well.

o   More compatibility to other database drivers under DBI and sqldf.
    dbBeginTransaction, safe.write, make.db.names are removed.
    dbBuildTableDefinition is renamed to postgresqlBuildTableDefinition.
    isIdCurrent is renamed to isPostgresqlIdCurrent.
    row.names is now integer.

Version 0.2-1 -- 2011-11-16

o   libpq source codes are bundled for Windows.
In other envirionment, this code is not used and existence of libpq as 
specified by PG_HOME is still required.

Version 0.2-0 -- 2011-10-04

o   Error check for dbWriteTable

o   dbWriteTable does not write a temporary file.
    Control characters in strings are properly escaped for dbWriteTable.

o   Remove warning for enum and arrays etc.  The value are still transferred
    as string and not converted to arrays etc.

o   use c('schema', 'table') to specify schema

o   Integer is mapped to integer in postgresql rather than bigint.

Version 0.1-7 -- 2010-10-17

o   Several potential buffer overruns were fixed

o   dbWriteTable now writes a data.frame to database through a network
    connection rather than a temporary file. Note that row_names may be
    changed in future releases.  Also, passing in filenames instead of
    data.frame is not supported at this time. 

o   When no host is specified, a connection to the PostgreSQL server 
    is made via UNIX domain socket (just like psql does)

o   Table and column names are case sensitive, and identifiers are escaped
    or quoted appropriately, so that any form of table/column names can be
    created, searched, or removed, including upper-, lower- and mixed-case.

o   nullOk in dbColumnInfo has a return value of NA when the column does
    not correspond to a column in the table. The utility of nullOk is
    doubtful but not removed at this time.

o   Correct Windows getpid() declaration (with thanks to Brian D. Ripley)

o   A call of as.POSIXct() with a time format string wrongly passed to TZ
    has been corrected; this should help with intra-day timestamps (with
    thanks to Steve Eick)

o   Usage of tmpdir has been improved on similarly to Linux (with thanks
    to Robert McGehee)

Version 0.1-6 -- 2009-10-19

o   Added missing paste() call to dbGetQuery() for dbListTables

Version 0.1-5 -- 2009-10-13

o   Four issues reported at the Issue tracker at the Google Code site
    are addressed, two more are feature requests and one cannot be

o   A number of other small fixes and enhancements to code and
    documentation as detailed in the ChangeLog file

Version 0.1-4 -- 2009-01-26

o   Fix to one of the documentation files

Version 0.1-3 -- 2008-12-12

o   Fixed a memory leak detected by Valgrind with thanks to Jeff Horner
    who applied a similar fix to RMySQL

Version 0.1-2 -- 2008-11-02

o   Some fixes to the regression tests and configuration

Version 0.1-1 -- 2008-10-28

o	DESCRIPTION: Correct Url: field by adding http:// parts. Thanks to
    Gabor for the hint.

Version 0.1-0 -- 2008-10-21

o	First Release

o   This 'RPostgreSQL' package was developed as a part of Google Summer of
 	Code 2008 program.

o   Its implements all the features in the DBI (and a few extra like those
    related to transaction management)

Reference manual

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0.6-2 by Tomoaki Nishiyama, 3 years ago

https://github.com/tomoakin/RPostgreSQL, https://cran.r-project.org/package=DBI, http://www.postgresql.org

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/RPostgreSQL

Authors: Joe Conway , Dirk Eddelbuettel , Tomoaki Nishiyama , Sameer Kumar Prayaga (during 2008) , Neil Tiffin

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Databases with R, Analysis of Spatial Data

GPL-2 | file LICENSE license

Depends on methods, DBI

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