Client for Rserve

Client for Rserve, allowing to connect to Rserve instances and issue commands.


0.7-3 2015-07-27 o fix an error when handling OOB if no handlers are registered

o RS.oobCallbacks(c) would always return NULL callabcks

0.7-2 2013-07-02 o add RS.eval(..., lazy=FALSE) which evaluates the argument locally and then remotely. This allows the construction of remote calls with both remote and local symbols.

o add RS.eval.qap() which uses Rserve QAP encoding instead of native R serialization (requires Rserve 1.7-0 with DT_SEXP support in CMD_eval).

o add support for Rserve object-capability (OC) model mode. OC calls are issued using RS.eval.qap() with OCref as the function to call.

o switch the order of winsock2.h and windows.h

0.7-1 2013-02-19 o add support for asynchronous connections and OOB streaming

o add support for non-transparent proxy protocol (RSpx)

o allow queuing of asynchronous RS.eval() and RS.assign()

o add basic methods for connections such as print, == and !=

o allow convenient RS.assign(c, x) syntax

0.7-0 2012-11-05 o initial CRAN release - the R client is based on Rserve 0.6-8 The function names on this old client are in the form RSxxx()

Included is a new C-based client which uses sockets directly
and thus supports features that cannot be supported with an
R-based client such as TLS/SSL connections, switching,
RSA secure authentication, multi-client selection.
The function names for the new client are of the form

Handles of the two clients are not interchangeable, so you can
only use one or the other for one connection.

Reference manual

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0.7-3 by Simon Urbanek, 6 years ago

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Authors: Simon Urbanek <[email protected]>

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Task views: Web Technologies and Services, Model Deployment with R

GPL-2 | file LICENSE license

Suggested by Rserve.

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