Summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal

The CRAN check results and where your package stands in the CRAN submission queue in your R terminal.

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foggy conditions by warning of potential hazards ahead.

foghorn makes accessible to the R terminal the CRAN check results for packages maintained by individuals, or for other packages of interest. The results are presented as a colored summary, or as a tibble. The function that generates the summary is designed to be called from your .Rprofile so you can check on the status of the packages regularly.

As new features are introduced in development versions of R, or new policies are put in place, packages that are not updated frequently may start generating warnings or errors when checked on CRAN’s infrastructure. foghorn brings this information to your terminal so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your R session to know the results of the CRAN checks for your packages.


You can install the development version of foghorn from github with:


or the stable version from CRAN:



## load the package

foghorn provides the results of the package CRAN checks. As a maintainer, you can easily get the results of the checks for your packages by using the email address included in the DESCRIPTION file of your packages.

summary_cran_results() provides you with a graphical summary of the results of the CRAN checks. The number in parenthesis after the name of the package indicates the number of platforms used by CRAN that produced this result.

## Graphical interface
summary_cran_results(email = "[email protected]")
#> ✔ All clear for foghorn, phylobase, riceware!
#> ⚠  Packages with warnings on CRAN: 
#>   - rncl (2)
#>   - rotl (3)
#> ★  Package with notes on CRAN: 
#>   - rncl (3)

summary_cran_results() is actually an alias of summary(cran_results()), meaning that you can call cran_results() directly if you want to easily access the underlying data for the results of the CRAN checks. These results are stored in a tibble.

## Results of the checks as a tibble
cran_results(email = "[email protected]")
#> # A tibble: 5 x 7
#>   package   error  fail  warn  note    ok has_other_issues
#>   <chr>     <int> <int> <int> <int> <int> <lgl>           
#> 1 foghorn       0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 2 phylobase     0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 3 riceware      0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 4 rncl          0     0     2     3     7 FALSE           
#> 5 rotl          0     0     3     0     9 FALSE

In addition of your own packages, you can also check the results for any other packages that might be of interest to you:

## either by themselves
summary_cran_results(pkg = c("ggplot2", "dplyr"))
#> ⚠  Package with warnings on CRAN: 
#>   - ggplot2 (3)
#> ★  Packages with notes on CRAN: 
#>   - dplyr (8)
#>   - ggplot2 (5)
cran_results(pkg = c("ggplot2", "dplyr"))
#> # A tibble: 2 x 7
#>   package error  fail  warn  note    ok has_other_issues
#>   <chr>   <int> <int> <int> <int> <int> <lgl>           
#> 1 dplyr       0     0     0     8     4 FALSE           
#> 2 ggplot2     0     0     3     5     4 FALSE
## or by combining them with email addresses
summary_cran_results(email = "[email protected]",
                     pkg = c("mregions", "ridigbio"))
#> ✔ All clear for foghorn, mregions, phylobase, riceware, ridigbio!
#> ⚠  Packages with warnings on CRAN: 
#>   - rncl (2)
#>   - rotl (3)
#> ★  Package with notes on CRAN: 
#>   - rncl (3)
cran_results(email = "[email protected]",
              pkg = c("mregions", "ridigbio"))
#> # A tibble: 7 x 7
#>   package   error  fail  warn  note    ok has_other_issues
#>   <chr>     <int> <int> <int> <int> <int> <lgl>           
#> 1 foghorn       0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 2 mregions      0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 3 phylobase     0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 4 riceware      0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 5 ridigbio      0     0     0     0    12 FALSE           
#> 6 rncl          0     0     2     3     7 FALSE           
#> 7 rotl          0     0     3     0     9 FALSE

You can inspect the logs for the check results using summary_cran_details(pkg) (or summary(cran_details(pkg))), while visit_cran_check(pkg) takes you directly to the CRAN webpage.

(tidyr_checks <- cran_details(pkg = "tidyr"))
#> # A tibble: 1 x 7
#>   package version result check     flavors           n_flavors message     
#>   <chr>   <chr>   <chr>  <chr>     <chr>                 <dbl> <chr>       
#> 1 tidyr   0.8.2   NOTE   data for… r-devel-linux-x8…         5 "     Note:…
#> ★ tidyr - note: data for non-ASCII characters
#>    ❯ r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang 
#>    ❯ r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc 
#>    ❯ r-patched-solaris-x86 
#>    ❯ r-release-osx-x86_64 
#>    ❯ r-oldrel-osx-x86_64 
#>      Note: found 23 marked UTF-8 strings

Where does the data come from?

The data from the check results used by this package are either scraped from the CRAN web pages (default), or are from the CRAN database (that CRAN uses to build the webpages). The first option is faster if you want to regularly check a few packages. However, if you are doing statistics on a large number of packages, using the CRAN database is recommended (it’s about 20Mb of data). To use the CRAN database, add src = "crandb" in your function calls:

cran_results(pkg = "nlme", src = "crandb")
#> # A tibble: 1 x 7
#>   package error  fail  warn  note    ok has_other_issues
#>   <chr>   <int> <int> <int> <int> <int> <lgl>           
#> 1 nlme        0     0     0     0    12 FALSE

Check out the “Details” section in the help files for more information.

Feedback? Suggestions?

Feel free to submit feedback and suggestions by opening an issue on GitHub.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.



New features

  • The output of cran_incoming now includes the date/time (contribution by @bbolker, #30)
  • foghorn respects the CRAN mirror set by the users instead of using
  • When a failure (other than 404) occurs while trying to obtain the data for a package, foghorn will retry up to three times.

Bug fixes

  • foghorn would, in some cases, return that a valid package name published on CRAN did not exit (#29, @zkamvar).
  • The recent newbies folder found on the CRAN FTP incoming server has been added to the list of places to check packages in CRAN's submisison queue (#32).
  • When a package only had "additional issues", the summary functions would report that everything was clear (#33, @coatless)


New features

  • Let users filter the CRAN incoming folder they want to inspect. Feature requested by @krlmlr, #28.

Bug fixes

  • Don't display progress bar in non-interactive mode for file download.

Other changes

  • The noemail folder has been removed from the CRAN FTP incoming server. cran_incoming() has been updated to reflect this change.
  • foghorn has an hex logo. Thanks to Maëlle Salmon for feedback on initial design.


New features

  • Add cran_incoming() to retrieve the list of packages currently in the CRAN incoming queue. Feature requested by @krlmlr, #24.

  • foghorn is now compatible with R >= 3.1. Suggested by @jimhester, #26.


API changes

  • check_cran_results() and show_cran_results() are deprecated in favor of cran_results() and summary_cran_details() respectively.

New features

  • Add initial support for as a data source (not exported/tested at this stage).

  • Take into consideration issues other than memtest when parsing the HTML CRAN check page.

  • Add argument print_ok to summary() method for cran_results that can optionally print an "all clear" message when all CRAN checks return "OK" for a package.

  • A progress bar is displayed when the RDS files are being downloaded from CRAN if the progress package is installed (#17).

  • The version number of the packages are displayed in cran_details().

  • All the functions return tibbles, with column names in lower case.

Bugs fixed

  • Fix bug #14 reported by @hadley, no issues are now represented as 0 instead of NA.

  • Fix bug that would display a number instead of the package name in some situations.


  • CRAN has merged memtest notes with a new "other issues" that run valgrind and other memory issues on multiple platforms/compilers. Therefore, memtest is renamed "other issues".


  • initial release on CRAN

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


1.4.2 by Francois Michonneau, 4 months ago

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Authors: Francois Michonneau [aut, cre] , Ben Bolker [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports clisymbols, crayon, curl, httr, jsonlite, rlang, rvest, tibble, xml2

Suggests covr, dplyr, knitr, progress, rmarkdown, testthat

Suggested by RWsearch, devtools, littler, prrd.

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