Bitmap Images / Pixel Maps

Functions for import, export, plotting and other manipulations of bitmapped images.


Changes in pixmap version 0.4-11

o Added dummy NAMESPACE file

o Move class definitions to separate file, no Collate in DESCRIPTION

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-10

o Explicitly mention in the help file that read.pnm() only works for files, not other conntection.

o Fixed a bug in write.pnm() that tried to open the same connection twice.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-9

o Fixed a minor glitch in write.pnm.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-8

o Fixed a bug that prevented plotting images with only 1 row (bug report by Robert Esswein).

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-7

o Use LazyLoad instead of SaveImage.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-6

o Modified one of the regression tests for changes in R 2.4: terrain.colors() now return transparency information -> do not use it in example.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-5

o standardized license filed in DESCRIPTION file.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-4

o Fixed a bug in the prototype of class "pixmap".

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-3

o New example for overlaying plots in help(pixmap) submitted by Stephan Matthiesen.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-2

o Adjust for R 2.0.0.

o Fixed a bug in coercion from pixmapIndexed to pixmapRGB.

o There was a bug in the methods package of R 1.9.x which was triggered by functions in pixmap, hence this version of the package depends on R >= 2.0.0.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-1

o Fixed a bug in write.pnm() that wrote grey images in PPM format.

o The channel information was not changed when converting between RGB and grey pixmaps.

o The maxval in PNM headers must be less than 65536, not less than 256.

Changes in pixmap version 0.4-0

o read.pnm(): vectorized (and renamed) as.integer.bytes() which provides a huge performance gain for reading "PBM" (B & W bitmaps).

o new function addlogo()

Changes in pixmap version 0.3-4

o Clarified documentation of read.pnm (file name extensions are ignored).

Changes in pixmap version 0.3-3

o fixed some codoc problems (missing aliases)

Changes in pixmap version 0.3-1

o read.pnm(): changes made to function reading and parsing PNM file headers to permit comments of arbitrary length.

Changes in pixmap version 0.3-0

o The whole package has moved to S4 classes and methods, hence all classes have a new representation. This also means that the code and the API are not fully backwards compatible with earlier versions of the package.

o Added support for subsetting (see example(pixmap)).

o New: addChannels() and getChannels().

Changes in pixmap version 0.2-1

o pixmap(): - Added arguments bbcent and cellres - nrow and ncol default to the respective dimensions of the data argument (if present). Hence, pixmap does the expected when given a matrix or an array. - data is rescaled to [0,1] for rgb and grey, and coerced to positive integers for indexed. - col can also be a function like rainbow()

Changes in pixmap version 0.1-2

o Fixed bugs in plotting, read.pnm and write.pnm which confused dimensions (rows versus columns), but together let plots look OK.

Reference manual

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0.4-12 by Friedrich Leisch, 8 months ago

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Authors: Roger Bivand , Friedrich Leisch and Martin Maechler

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports methods, graphics, grDevices

Imported by ade4, asbio, colorfindr, plotKML, shapeR.

Depended on by RVideoPoker.

Suggested by ICS, Patterns, ProjectTemplate, RGraphics, ade4TkGUI, adegraphics, bmp, image.CannyEdges, image.ContourDetector, image.CornerDetectionF9, image.LineSegmentDetector, readbitmap, subniche.

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