Streams of Random Numbers

Unified object oriented interface for multiple independent streams of random numbers from different sources.


Version 1.3.5: 2017-06-21

- Internal: register native routines

Version 1.3.4: 2015-08-19

- NAMESPACE: fixed problem with methods "initialize" and "plot".

Version 1.3.3: 2015-07-17

- NAMESPACE: explicitly import functions from standard packages.

Version 1.3.2: 2012-01-30

- commented out unused code in 'RngStreams' library
      (in particular all printf() and exit() statements)

Version 1.3.1: 2011-05-10

- fixed warning in Rd file

- there is a small change that chi2 goodness-of-fit tests in
      directory 'tests' fail. As the seed is set at random this
      may occasionaly cause an ERROR when checking the package.
  This event has been made even more unlikely (while real
      programming errors on new platforms should be detected).

Version 1.3.0: 2011-02-10

- fixed bug: when rstream.RNG(s) was called with an 'rstream'
      object of class "rstream.mrg32k3a" two of more times
      consecutively, then the first element of the second the
      generated stream was discarded.
  This has been fixed.

  This fix may influence the sequence of generated random
  numbers when a generator of class "rstream.mrg32k3a"
  is set as global generator by means of rstream.RNG().
  If reproducibility of prior results is important then add
  the following statement to your code to revert to the old


- added paper in doc directory:
        P. L'Ecuyer and J. Leydold: 'rstream': Streams of Random
        Numbers for Stochastic Simulation.
    R News 5/2, 16-20, 2005.

- updated authors email address

Version 1.2.5: 2010-05-05

- fixed bug: loading a packaged rstream object from 
      an .RData file did not work unless another new 
      rstream object was created.

Version 1.2.4: 2009-11-17

- fixed syntax of some Rd files

Version 1.2.3: 2009-01-08

- changed copyright notice in file 'RngStreams.c'
      to avoid ambiguity about license (GPL)

Version 1.2.2: 2007-09-10

- added method 'show' (just calls 'print')

- Bug fixes:
    . added protector for external pointer
        . avoid nonessential compiler warning with R version 2.6.0

Version 1.2.1: 2006-09-21

- Fixed DESCRIPTION file for upcoming R-2.4.0 release

Version 1.2: 2006-02-15

- Fixed signature of method rstream.sample
  (the old one does not work with R Version >=2.3.0)

Version 1.1: 2005-10-01

- Added class "rstream.mrg32k3a" to replace "rstream.lecuyer"
      (suggested by Pierre L'Ecuyer)

Version 1.0: 2005-04-02

    - First public release.

Reference manual

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1.3.6 by Josef Leydold, 2 years ago

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Authors: Josef Leydold <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Probability Distributions, High-Performance and Parallel Computing with R

GPL-2 license

Imports methods, stats

Depended on by simEd.

Suggested by STAR.

See at CRAN