Easier cluster computing (based on snow).

Usability wrapper around snow for easier development of parallel R programs. This package offers e.g. extended error checks, and additional functions. All functions work in sequential mode, too, if no cluster is present or wished. Package is also designed as connector to the cluster management tool sfCluster, but can also used without it.


Changes in snowfall 1.84

o Bugfix sfExport: if exporting a NULL value, no error is raised.

Changes in snowfall 1.83

o sfIsRunning: new function giving a logical is sfInit() was called or not. Needed, as all other snowfall functions implicitely call sfInit() if it was not called.

Changes in snowfall 1.82

o Internal refactorings.

Changes in snowfall 1.81

o Change in sfInit() MPI startup so sfCluster can run with snow > 0.3 now. o sfExport now also works in sequential mode (writing to global environment). This prevented sequential execution in some cases.

Changes in snowfall 1.80

o snowfall passes packages checks of R 2.10.1 without warning or error. Internal state is now only saved in the namespace itself (thanks to Uwe Ligges for the tipp). o sfExport can now also export objects in a specific namespace (argument 'namespace') o sfExport: behavior in error case manageable (stopOnError) o sfExport: smaller bugfixes. o sfRemoveAll can now also remove hidden names (argument 'hidden') o sfRemoveAll is more robust now (some minor bugfixes, more checks) o sfRemoveAll bugfix for multiple removals (thanks to Greggory Jefferis) o Bugfix on exception list on sfExportAll o Refactorings in sfTest() o snowfall now has a NEWS doc ;) o No warning on Mac OS because of default Mac-R command line arg 'gui' (thanks to Michael Siegel).

Reference manual

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