Parsing, Applying, and Manipulating Data Cleaning Rules

Facilitates reading and manipulating (multivariate) data restrictions (edit rules) on numerical and categorical data. Rules can be defined with common R syntax and parsed to an internal (matrix-like format). Rules can be manipulated with variable elimination and value substitution methods, allowing for feasibility checks and more. Data can be tested against the rules and erroneous fields can be found based on Fellegi and Holt's generalized principle. Rules dependencies can be visualized with using the 'igraph' package.


version 2.9.0

  • some updates on the NAMESPACE to comply to new CRAN policies.
  • bugfix: MIP method for error localisation ignored time constraint
  • bugfix: edge case in c.editmatrix for empty edit matrices.
  • bugfix: editfile w/type='num' would crash on empty file input.
  • bugfix in as.igraph methods for editmatrix, editarray, editset
  • bugfix: edge case in substValue methods
  • bugfix: contains.editmatrix crashed on editmatrix containing 0 variables
  • bugfix: user-defined M was ignored in MIP version of error localizer.
  • mixed typed edits now have naming convention used in paper
  • added SOS1 type edits for categorical constraint. Should improve mip performance.
  • editset subsetting now support negative row index
  • printing an empty cateditmatrix doesn't fail anymore
  • fix a bug in parsing a mix edit with no numeric constraint in the premisse (thanks to Alois Haslinger)

version 2.7.2

  • Suggest-dependency on iterators removed
  • now depends on lpSolveAPI (instead of suggests)
  • small documentation changes to comply to new CRAN policy
  • bugfix in summary.violatedEdits: would crash on NA's
  • Concatenating editmatrix, editset and editset now keep their rownames
  • Simplified mip implementation
  • fixed a bug, empty levels are now allowed in editarray. Thanks to kforner

version 2.7-1

  • bugfix: summary.violatedEdits crashed when no edits were violated.
  • Branch and Bound method now bounds (instead of crashes) when memory allocation for variable elimination fails
  • The 'status' of errorLocation object gains column indicating whether the memory allocation failure was hit as bound condition
  • localizeErrors gains 'retrieve' argument, controling which solution to return: the best or the first encountered.
  • changed method parameter of localizeErrors into "bb" or "mip" ("localizer" is deprecated).

version 2.7-0

  • bugfix: numeric edits now include constants assigned in editfile (thanks to Jeroen Pannekoek)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: first argument in as.igraph is now called 'x' to comply with new generic from igraph package
  • bugfix in contains.editset: in some cases not all edits were found
  • contains now gives more meaningfull error msg when nonexistent variable names are passed
  • bugfix: brackets inside mixed edits were not parsed: if ((x>0 && y>0)) z < 0
  • changed dependency on igraph0 into igraph
  • getVars method for editarray now returns NULL when type argument is not 'cat' (the default). Thanks to Elmar Wein.
  • print methods for editmatrix and editarray gain textOnly argument (default is FALSE for backward compatibility)
  • bugfix in parseMix: mixed edits containing an numeric equality constraint now generate an error (which is correct, since equality constraints in mixed edits are not supported.)
  • bugfix in summary.violatedEdits, the "edit" column showing the violated edit was incorrect (the method itself was correct though), thanks to Francesca Pogelli for reporting that error
  • bugfix in weight calculation: weight of variables exceeding range edits was counted twice
  • errorLocalizer.editarray gains 'tol' argument for feasibility checks
  • records with large maximum absolute value now pre-scaled when localizing errors with MIP
  • bugfix in as.character.editarray: failure when edit excludes subset of datamodel
  • bugfix in substValue.editset (processing of dummy variables failed in certain cases)
  • exported nedits

version 2.5-0

  • discussion papers are no longer vignettes, but included in inst/doc.
  • complete documentation overhaul
  • overloaded 'c' for editset
  • localizeErrors uses vectorized method for single-variable, single-edit blocks ('singleton' method)
  • error localization based on lpSolveApi uses block-wise processing for enhanced numerical stability
  • function editType exported: lists edit categorie for 'editset' ('num', 'cat', 'mix')
  • duplicated dummyvariables in an editset are removed (making 'disjunct' much more efficient)
  • localizeErrors for conditional restrictions (editset)
  • errorLocalizer.-functions now accept a named list as records (as well as named vector)
  • Option 'useBlocks' in function 'localizeErrors' is now ignored (always TRUE) and will be removed
  • errorLocalizer (b&b) for conditional restrictions (editlist/editset)
  • isObviouslyInfeasible for editlist/editenv/editset
  • bugfix in localizeErrors: logical columns caused crashes when both TRUE and FALSE present
  • bugfix in violatedEdits.editarray: crashed when 0 columns were present (Thanks to Elmar Wein)
  • bugfix en parser: editset() crashed at numberless mixed expressions as 'if (A=="a") x > y
  • bugfix in violatedEdits.editset: wrong handling of numerical edits.
  • Better printing of cateditmatrix.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: listViolatededits and checkRows are deprecated. Use violatedEdits in stead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE:, toDataFrame and iter.backtracker are now editrules internal and no longer supported
  • BREAKING CHANGE: argument fancynames of eliminate.editmatrix is removed

version 2.2-0

  • Added function 'disjunct' decoupling conditional numeric/categorical edit sets
  • removed deprecated functions 'eliminateFM' and 'editrules'
  • Fixed two corner case bugs in localizeErrors with method="mip"
  • bugfix in duplicated.editmatrix
  • fix in documentation of plot.editset
  • bugfix in localizeErrors.editmatrix causing error when a value doesn't conform to datamodel (Thanks to Elmar Wein)

version 2.1-2

  • removed some unnecessary files from inst/doc
  • added function generateEdits: derive all nonredundant essentialy new categorical edits.
  • editfile reads categorical, numerical and mixed edits.
  • violatedEdits works for objects of class editset.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: function 'editrules' is obsolete. Use or as.editmatrix.
  • added as.character, print method for editset.
  • and .editarray now only return 'description' column if input has description attribute.
  • edits in editmatrix and editarray are now printed with prefix 'num' and 'cat', in stead of 'e', datamodel gets prefix 'dat'
  • added nedits function counting the number of edits in an editmatrix -array or -set
  • added blockIndex function
  • is.editset, getVars, blocks, reduce and row indexing ([) for editset objects
  • violatedEdits, summary, echelon,, plot, as.igraph, adjacency for editset objects
  • simpler internal representation for editset
  • substValue.editmatrix gains argument removeredundant (default:TRUE) indicating wether or not to remove redundant rows.
  • added substValue.editset

version 2.0-3

  • new generic function checkDatamodel: checks data agains datamodel implied by editarray
  • bugfix in localizeErrors: crashed when reduce() (used in blocks) removes variables in editarray (thanks to Bikram Maharjan)
  • internally, eliminate.editarray performs extra edit redundancy checks
  • fixed cornercase in [.editarray. Now correctly handles empty character ("") as category name.
  • added numcat function, returns number of categories for each variable in an editarray

version 2.0-2

  • NOTE: 2.0-2 is not a CRAN release
  • includes BETA version of mixed edit parsing
  • includes BETA version of error localiztion as MIP problem (option method='mip' in localizeErrors)
  • eliminate.editarray gained speed in certain cases
  • fixed cornercase in editarray: empty category value gave new variable
  • New function editfile reads edits and domain definitions from text file
  • editarray gains env (environment) argument
  • editarray and editmatrix now handle zero-length arguments

version 2.0-1

  • bugfix in isSubset.editarray
  • buxfix in localizeErrors: maxduration was previously ignored (thanks to Francesca Pogelli and Teresa Buglielli of ISTAT)
  • buxfix in parseEdits: non constant parsing was not detected. It is now also possible to use x*100 (thanks to Francesca Pogelli and Teresa Buglielli of ISTAT)
  • bugfix in errorLocalizer: no solution was returned if maxdurationExceeded==TRUE (even if at least 1 solution was found)
  • bugfix in summary.errorLocation: could not handle NA in status fields

version 2.0-0

  • Final version of vignette.
  • Function 'contains' now S3 generic and overloaded for editmatrix object.
  • BREAKING CHANGE. is now symmetrical with Use toDataFrame for old behaviour.
  • str overloaded for objects of class editarray (gives output similar to str.editmatrix)

version 1.9-0

  • Parser for categorical edits accepts edits in the form "if ( ) FALSE"
  • Parser for categorical edits accepts '&' as well as '&&'
  • Corner case in reduce.editmatrix: now handles empty inputmatrices.
  • substValue.editarray now works for boolean values
  • Parser for all edits accepts expression vector

version 1.8-1

  • fixed a corner case bug for deducorrect

version 1.8-0

  • violatedEdits.editmatrix more robust against NA's in records
  • plot method for arguments of class errorLocation, violatedEdits
  • errorLocalizer now throws error when edit set contains variables not encountered in record.
  • solved edge case in error localizer. $adapt would be NA if all variables were NA (now TRUE)
  • bugfix in violatedEdits.editmatrix (inequalities were checked incorrectly)
  • bugfix in edge case of 'contains' (nonuniform output if editarray has only one rule)
  • summary method for arguments of class editmatrix, editarray, errorLocation
  • localizeErrors now accepts an array of weights so weights can be set per record
  • localizeErrors gains arguments 'useBlocks' (default: TRUE) and 'verbose' (default: FALSE).
  • variable and edge nodes can be colored in plot.editmatrix or plot.editarray.

version 1.7-0

  • several improvements in parsing categorical edit rules in the presence of & and | operators.
  • solved a bug in violatedEdits causing inequality violations to go unnoticed (since version 1.5.0, thanks to Elmar Wein)
  • substValue.editarray now works for multiple variables
  • Introduced the special FALSE edit (indicating that the set of valid records is empty)
  • editarray now emits error when the | or || operator is used in conjuncion with an 'if' statement.
  • Solved inconsistent parsing character->editmatrix->character in case a (derived) edit reduces the datamodel
  • Solved bug in blocks (constants were ignored for obects of class editmatrix)
  • Output of errorLocalizer.editarray is now equivalent to errorLocalizer.editmatrix
  • isFeasible tested for objects of class editarray (works)
  • blocks now also works for objects of class editarray
  • overloaded indexing for objects of class editarray
  • added function 'reduce' which deletes unnecessary variables and rows from editarray or edimatrix
  • BREAKING CHANGE argument 'remove' is replaced with reduce for clarity
  • NOTE: Default value for argument 'warn' in isFeasible is now set to TRUE
  • NOTE: Default value for argument 'remove' in substValue.editarray is now set to FALSE

version 1.6-0

  • Added functionality for plotting edit graphs directly from edit sets
  • Added functionality for deriving igraph objects directly from edit sets
  • Added functionality for deriving adjacency matrices for edit sets
  • Package now suggests igraph package for graphical analysis of edit sets
  • Fixed bug causing wrong error localization or crash when weights are used. (Thanks to Kenneth Chin-A-Fat)

version 1.5-2

  • Fixed column matching bug in violatedEdits.editarray

version 1.5-1

  • Fixed a bug in violatedEdits.editmatrix which caused deducorrect correctTypos to fail (Thanks to Brian Ripley for contacting us)

version 1.5-0

  • BETA FUNCTIONALITY: Error localization, variable elimination etc. for categorical variables.
  • new function localizeErrors(E,dat) processes whole dataset with $searchBest() (needs more testing).
  • errorLocalizer throws error at invalid weights (thanks to Kenneth Chin-A-Fat).
  • Argument maxweight was ignored by errorLocalizer.editmatrix, now works.
  • violatedEdits has better (more clear) output.

version 1.0-2

  • solved bug in as.character.editmatrix (thanks to Sander Scholtus)

version 1.0-1

  • solved edge case in $searchBest() method of errorLocalizer (thanks to Sander Scholtus)

version 1.0-0

  • Formal upgrade only.

version 0.9-1

  • errorLocalizer now robust when variables occur in record and not in editmatrix.

version 0.9-0

  • Performance gain by improved bounding condition in backtracking object returned by errorLocalizer
  • functions getH and geth for objects of class editmatrix added.
  • removed bug from $searchBest(), a sole solution wasn't returned.
  • backtracker$searchNext() and $searchAll() gain maxduration argument
  • BREAKING CHANGE: function findBlocks replaced by blocks. finblocks now emits warning, will become error in next release
  • Solved bug causing eliminateFM to return spurious but harmless edits in edge case, thanks to Sander Scholtus
  • Backtracker gains maxdepth and maxduration parameter
  • errorLocalizer gains maxduration, maxadapt and maxweight parameter
  • removed deprecated functions cp.editmatrix, replaceValue

version 0.8-0

  • removed deprecated functions getC. getMatrix from source
  • deprecated functions cp.editmatrix, replaceValue now emit error
  • added index to vignette
  • solved corner case error in error localizer
  • BREAKING CHANGE: renamed choicepoint into backtracker
  • cp object generated by errorLocalizer does not return final editmatrix anymore (useless).
  • solved a bug causing isObviouslyInfeasible to miss certain cases
  • substValue can now replace multiple values at once.
  • [.editmatrix now retains derivation history (previously lost in substValue operations)
  • removed a bug from echelon.editmatrix, it failed when no operation was possible.

version 0.7-1

  • made as.errormatrix a bit more robust and solved a cornercase
  • fixed bug in editmatrix causing crashes in cornercase when "description" column of input is empty.

version 0.7

  • errorLocalizer gains searchBest() function, returns random solution in case of degeneracy
  • added as.character coercions in editmatrix to solve crash
  • BREAKING CHANGE: replaceValues renamed to substValues. Currently warns, will emit error in next release.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: cp.editmatrix renamed to errorLocalizer and now S3 generic. Currently warns, will emit error in next release.
  • getC and getMatrix are deprecated and now emit errors.
  • Vignette ready for review
  • solved bug in documentation of cp.editmatrix
  • solved bug in str.editmatrix
  • isObviouslyRedundant now finds duplicate rows within tolerance.
  • overloaded built-in function "duplicated" for editmatrix.
  • Added full feasibility check for editmatrix: isFeasible
  • removed bug from findBlocks and exported.

version 0.6

  • Edit rule coercions: as.expression as.character as.editmatrix
  • Transform equality restrictions to reduced row echelon form
  • Obvious (in)feasibility and redundancy checks for linear edit rules
  • The following functions are deprecated, and give a warning: getC, getMatrix (warnings will become errors in the next release).
  • Added cp.editmatrix which solves error localization under generalized Fellegi-Holt paradigm
  • Added choicepoint algorithm for generic binary search
  • Option normalize=TRUE for editmatrix is now the default
  • Overloaded str function for editmatrix object
  • Added fully vectorized Fourier-Motzkin elimination function with redundancy removal
  • Added a normalize function
  • Exported and documented replaceValue
  • rewrote internal representation of editmatrix, it is now an augemented matrix (A|b)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: clean up of notation/syntax/naming convention: constants are named b, coefficients are named A

version 0.5

  • fixed breakage at single record input of violatedEdits
  • added findBlocks, break up a matrix in its constituing blocks

version 0.4-1

  • long edit rules (> 60 characters) failed, the upper limit for editrules is right now 500
  • added row subscript operator for object of class editmatrix
  • added getMatrix, same functionality as as.matrix, but more symetric with respect to getOps, getC and getVars

version 0.4

  • improved expression parsing
  • improved handling of wrong input for method editmatrix
  • improved handling of extra columns in editrules
  • added
  • negative coefficients and constants were not parsed correctly
  • added vignette
  • removed deprecated editsinfo parameter from editmatrix
  • added getOps and getCONSTANT functions for retrieving operators and constants from an editmatrix
  • checkRows is now S3 generic and overloaded for character, data.frame and editmatrix
  • added simplification of constraints (coefficients will be summed)
  • renamed errormatrix into violatedEdits

version 0.2

  • added CONSTANT parsing and generation
  • simplified editmatrix by removing one parameter (accepting both types of input)
  • renamed editsinfo to more understandable editrules
  • removed documentation of internal "edits" function

version 0.1-1

  • added an as.matrix function
  • improved editmatrix example

Reference manual

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2.9.3 by Edwin de Jonge, 3 years ago

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Authors: Edwin de Jonge , Mark van der Loo

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Task views: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology, Official Statistics & Survey Statistics

GPL-3 license

Imports lpSolveAPI

Depends on igraph

Suggests testthat

Depended on by deducorrect.

Suggested by rspa.

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