Functions for Medical Statistics Book with some Demographic Data

Several utility functions for the book entitled "Practices of Medical and Health Data Analysis using R" (Pearson Education Japan, 2007) with Japanese demographic data and some demographic analysis related functions.


Changes to version 0.6.3

New data were added to Jvital.  PrefYLL2015 was included.
oddsratio() now accepts a matrix as the first argument.

Changes to version 0.6.2

Added option maxdist to roc().  If maxdist=FALSE is given, 
distances are calculated from the best performance.

Changes to version 0.6.1

Bug fix in the variable name ASMFR2015 of the Jfert dataframe.
Three demographic functions WhipplesIndex(), CaretakerRatio(),
and IndexOfDissimilarity() were added.

Changes to version 0.6.0

New data were added to JASM, Jfert, Jlife, Jpop, 
Jpopl, Jvital.  The p-values of oddsratio() and riskratio() were improved. 
In addition, was added.

Changes to version 0.5.3

(Not uploaded to cran)
Jp2010s, getax(), hlifetable() were added for healthy life expectancy.

Changes to version 0.5.2

updated the Jvital to include Japan's vital statistics data in 2014.
documents for lifetable() is modified to be avoid misleading.

Changes to version 0.5.1

updated the Jvital data.
added the Jvital2013byPref data, which is cross sectional vital statistics
data in Japan 2013 for each prefecture.

Changes to version 0.5.0

added the lifetable function for lx, lifetable3().
updated the Jvital data.
fixed for dealing with missing values for fitGM() and fitSiler().
added the label size magnification options for radarchart().

Changes to version 0.4.5

added the several options to functions mxtoqx() and qxtomx(), using ax and n.
added the new function lifetable2().

Changes to version 0.4.4

bug fix of and adding one option pangle to the function radarchart().

Changes to version 0.4.3

bug fix of the function pvalueplot().

Changes to version 0.4.2

added the several vital statistics data in Japan for years 2011 and 2012 to the Jvital dataframe.

Changes to version 0.4.1

bug fix of the function lifetable() for mode=6 and mode=7
added new functions CM() and fitCM(), which are the Coale and McNeil's model nupitiality.

Changes to version 0.4.0

modified the function lifetable() to use ax

Changes to Version 0.3.9

added a new variable MMR (maternal mortality rates) to the Jvital dataframe.

Changes to Version 0.3.8

added the new options for radarchat().  vlabels, caxislabels and paxislabels.

Changes to Version 0.3.7

added the new option to setting minimus at center (centerzero) of radarchart().
added new functions to calculate risk difference, incidence rate difference 

and incidence rate ratio as riskdifference(), ratedifference(), and rateratio(), respectively.

Changes to Version 0.3.6

added the new options in filling polygons (pdensity and pfcol) of radarchart().

Changes to Version 0.3.5

added 2010 complete life table qx (qx2010M and qx2010F) to the Jlife dataframe.

Changes to Version 0.3.4

add the new options in axistype of radarchart().

Changes to Version 0.3.3

the supporting site has been moved.

Changes to Version 0.3.2

fix the exceptional problem (add a option) of the function radarchart()

Changes to Version 0.3.1

bug fix of the function Denny()

Changes to Version 0.3.0

added 3 dataframes as Jpopl, Jfert and Jlife and the demographic model functions as Siler, fitSiler, GompertzMakeham, fitGM, Denny, fitDenny, CT, fitCT, Hadwiger, fitHad, lxtodx, dxtolx, qxtodx, dxtoqx, qxtomx, mxtoqx, qxtolx, lxtoqx, uxtoqx, lifetable, clifetable.

Changes to Version 0.2.4

added export entries for Japanese population dataframes in NAMESPACE file.

Changes to Version 0.2.3

added 2010's Japanese population data in JASM and Jpop

Changes to Version 0.2.2

added the mhchart function
added 2010's Japanese vital statistics

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0.6.3 by Minato Nakazawa, a year ago

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