Google Analytics API into R

Interact with the Google Analytics APIs <>, including the Core Reporting API (v3 and v4), Management API, and Multi-Channel Funnel API.

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Work is currently focused on quashing bugs and updating the BigQuery parser.

If you find any bugs please log any problems here in the issues tracker.


You also need googleAuthR


Development version off github



googleAnalytics 0.4.2

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug of argument match in multi_select(#99 - thanks @sdhaus)
  • Fix bug for data dimensions starting with a number (#100 - thanks @kennyengci)
  • Remove hourly anti-sampling as it doesn't work
  • Use tidy eval instead of dplyr underscore funcs (thanks @kiendang)
  • Fix multi-channel funnels raising error when no data available (thanks @octaviancorlade)
  • Fix NULL validaation if no results returns in v4 API (#81 again - thanks @ricardopinto)


  • You can now set your GA_CLIENT_ID, GA_CLIENT_SECRET in environment arguments and they will be added to the project options on startup.
  • Authenticate on startup with GA_AUTH_FILE pointing to your cache file.
  • Add support for "today" and "yesterday" date values in anti_sample (#112)
  • Add that max is ignored during anti_sample=TRUE (#111)

googleAnalyticsR 0.4.1


  • Fix attempt to set an attribute on NULL error for anti-sample
  • Fixed anti_sample="auto" math to actually limit the number of sessions for the auto-batches
  • Fixed error when no data present in requested date_range for a view, and max = -1
  • Fix logic of anti_sample_batches to allow accurate day batches. (#74)
  • Fix parsing of ga_account_summary broken by upgrade from dplyr 0.5.0 > dplyr 0.7.0


  • Add warning if using default project, and if API quota is tripped (#79)
  • refactor defensive checks from testthat to assertthat

googleAnalyticsR 0.4.0


  • Deprecate google_analytics_account_list for ga_account_list to be in line with other functions
  • Add custom data uploads via ga_custom_upload_file()
  • Cleaned up documentation a bit
  • Added auto-authentication if you specify environment var GA_AUTH_FILE
  • Add Remarketing Audience functions - ga_remarketing_get and ga_remarketing_list
  • Add aggregateGAData which will aggregate over GA dimensions
  • Add antiSampleWorked TRUE/FALSE attribute to tables when anti-sampling attempted
  • Add a slow_fetch flag to google_analytics_4 that will avoid batching for big complicated fetches
  • Add ga_users_list for listing users on account, webProperty or View level
  • Set default Google Project API permissions to:
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""
    • ""


  • Use aggregateGAData to solve issue with anti_sampling repeating rows (#49)
  • Fix bug with anti-sample when periods included 0-row data (#42)
  • Fix google_analytics_account_list() parsing bug if only one view available (#52, #41)
  • Fix segments not being able to be used in Cohort reports (#63)
  • Fix bug with anti-sample when querying over 1000 days (#66 - thanks @olivia-icivics)

googleAnalyticsR 0.3.0


  • Add BigQuery asynch fetch to Google Analytics 360 exports, for over 1,000,000 rows.
  • A GA v4 example Shiny app added that runs on
  • New argument anti_sample for google_analytics_4() which will split up the calls into efficient batches to avoid sampling. Includes experimental sub-day hourly batching.
  • Set argument max = -1 in google_analytics_4() to fetch all results.
  • Add fix for google_analytics_account_summary parsing when no views in web properties.
  • New argument anti_sample_batches lets you choose batch sizes (daily is equal to anti_sample_batches=1)
  • Add several management API functions:
    • ga_accounts
    • ga_adwords
    • ga_adwords_list
    • ga_custom_datasource
    • ga_custom_upload
    • ga_custom_upload_list
    • ga_custom_vars
    • ga_custom_vars_list
    • ga_experiment
    • ga_experiment_list
    • ga_filter
    • ga_filter_list
    • ga_filter_view
    • ga_filter_view_list
    • ga_goal
    • ga_goal_list
    • ga_segment_list
    • ga_unsampled
    • ga_unsampled_list
    • ga_view
    • ga_view_list
    • ga_webproperty
    • ga_webproperty_list


  • Fix bug for calculated metrics if expression not starting with ga: (#28)
  • Fix a parse bug if only metrics and no dimensions were used in google_analytics_4()
  • Refactoring v4 batching

googleAnalyticsR 0.2.1


  • Fix v4 bug where batches over 10000 had extra rows added (#19)

googleAnalyticsR 0.2.0


  • segment helper as RStudio Addin or gadget_GASegment()
  • Local tests added
  • Multi-account batching for v3 (#17)
  • Add BigQuery fetching for GoogleAnalytics 360 accounts via google_analytics_bq()


  • Fix order_type() for v4 (#18)

googleAnalyticsR 0.1.1


  • Patch to fix ignoring first row of v4 API results (#16)

googleAnalyticsR 0.1.0


  • v4 API calls implemented

Reference manual

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0.5.0 by Mark Edmondson, 8 months ago

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Authors: Mark Edmondson [aut, cre] , Artem Klevtsov [ctb] , Johann deBoer [ctb] , David Watkins [ctb] , Olivia Brode-Roger [ctb] , Jas Sohi [ctb] , Zoran Selinger [ctb]

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Imports assertthat, dplyr, googleAuthR, httr, magrittr, memoise, purrr, rlang, tidyr, utils, methods

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