HTML Widgets for R

A framework for creating HTML widgets that render in various contexts including the R console, 'R Markdown' documents, and 'Shiny' web applications.


  • Export getDependency function

  • onRender hooks were firing too early when used in Shiny apps.

  • Widget IDs: only restore random.seed when non-NULL

  • Pass knitr options to saveWidget

  • Ensure that scaffoldWidget opens files correctly within RStudio

  • The resize handler also works for the JavaScript events and now so that widgets inside the Bootstrap collapse class can be displayed

  • Fix references to vignettes in documentation

  • Add elementId parameter to widget function generated by scaffoldWidget

  • More robust method of generating unique widget IDs

  • Modify advanced and sizing vignettes to use new style widget declarations

  • Introduce new scheme for defining JavaScript bindings that will make it easier for widgets to gain access to other widget instances on the page.

  • Add onRender hook for widgets to execute custom JavaScript code after rendering.

  • Add appendContent and prependContent functions for adding HTML to a widget rendered in a static context (i.e. R console or Rmd)

  • Fix a bug where the string "" in the widget data caused saveWidget() to have malformed output. (#168)

  • Tweak pandoc conversion used in saveWidget to prevent hanging with large htmlwidget script data elements (use "markdown" rather than "markdown-strict" as input format)

  • Increase pandoc stack size to 512M for saveWidget (often required for e.g. larger embedded leaflet maps). Stack size can also be controlled by the pandoc.stack.size option.

  • Import latest version of with_pandoc_safe_environment from rmarkdown

  • Fix issue that prevented calling renderValue() from within resize()

  • Add background parameter to saveWidget function

  • Fix a bug where "" appearing in widget data would break parsing

  • Fix a bug where multiple widgets on a page caused all but one to miss resize events

  • Sync vignettes with contents of htmlwidgets website

  • Use minified files while scaffolding widget wherever available

  • Suppress viewing widgets in non-interactive R sessions by default

  • Export the HTMLWidgets.staticRender function

  • Add a preRenderHook for widgets

  • Use jsonlite rather than RJSONIO for JSON serialization

  • Call widget.resize in more situations

  • Initial release to CRAN

Reference manual

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