Translate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions

Translates a CSS3 selector into an equivalent XPath expression. This allows us to use CSS selectors when working with the XML package as it can only evaluate XPath expressions. Also provided are convenience functions useful for using CSS selectors on XML nodes. This package is a port of the Python package 'cssselect' (<>).

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selectr is a package which makes working with HTML and XML documents easier. It does this by performing translation of CSS selectors into XPath expressions so that you can query XML and xml2 documents easily.

xpath <- css_to_xpath("#selectr")
#> [1] "descendant-or-self::*[@id = 'selectr']"


Install the release version from CRAN


Install the development version from GitHub

# install.packages("devtools")


The key functions in selectr are:

  • Translate a CSS selector into an XPath expression with css_to_xpath().

  • Query an XML or xml2 document with querySelector() and its variants.

    • Find the first matching node with querySelector().

    • Find all matching nodes with querySelectorAll().

    • Find the first matching node in a namespaced document with querySelectorNS().

    • Find all matching nodes in a namespaced document with querySelectorAllNS().


Here is a simple example to demonstrate how to query an XML or xml2 document with querySelector().

xmlText <- '<foo><bar><baz id="first"/></bar><baz id="second"/></foo>'
doc <- xmlParse(xmlText)
querySelector(doc, "baz")
#> <baz id="first"/>
querySelectorAll(doc, "baz")
#> [[1]]
#> <baz id="first"/>
#> [[2]]
#> <baz id="second"/>
#> attr(,"class")
#> [1] "XMLNodeSet"
doc <- read_xml(xmlText)
querySelector(doc, "baz")
#> {xml_node}
#> <baz id="first">
querySelectorAll(doc, "baz")
#> {xml_nodeset (2)}
#> [1] <baz id="first"/>
#> [2] <baz id="second"/>


Reference manual

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0.4-2 by Simon Potter, a year ago

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Authors: Simon Potter [aut, trl, cre] , Simon Sapin [aut] , Ian Bicking [aut]

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BSD_3_clause + file LICENCE license

Imports methods, stringr, R6

Suggests testthat, XML, xml2

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