Helpers for Data Analysis and Presentation Focused on Undergrad Psychology

Contains functions for the easy display of statistical tests as well as some convenience functions for data cleanup. It is meant to ease existing workflows with packages like 'sjPlot', 'dplyr', and 'ggplot2'. The primary components are the functions prefixed with 'tadaa_', which are built to work in an interactive environment, but also print tidy markdown tables powered by 'pixiedust' for the creation of 'RMarkdown' reports.

This is tadaatoolbox version 0.10.0 (semver).
It contains helpers for data analysis and presentation focused on undergrad psychology, the target audience being students at University of Bremen.

Please consider this as a teaching project and be careful if you intend to use it for production use.
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As a sideproject, I attempted to visualize the package depencencies in this document. It's not optimal yet, but at least it's a glimpse of the first two layers of dependencies.


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Lukas Burkaut & cre
Tobias Antonaut
Daniel Lüdeckectb


See the included vignette for a demonstration: browseVignettes("tadaatoolbox") or view the current version in this repository via GitHubs HTML preview.

  • modus: A simple function to extract the mode of a frequency table

  • nom_chisqu: Simple wrapper for chisq.test that produces a single value.

  • nom_phi: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract phi.

  • nom_v: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract Cramer's V.

  • nom_c: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract the contingency coefficient c.

  • nom_lambda: Simple wrapper for ryouready::nom.lambda to extract appropriate lambda.

  • ord_gamma: Simple wrapper for ryouready::ord.gamma.

  • ord_somers_d: Simple wrapper for ryouready::ord.somers.d.

  • tadaa_nom: All the nominal stats in one table.

  • tadaa_ord: All the ordinal stats in one table.

  • tadaa_sem: Standard error and CI, you guessed it, in one table.

  • generate_recodes: To produce recode assignments for car::recode for evenly sequenced clusters.
  • interval_labels: To produce labels for clusters created by cut.
  • tadaa_likertize: Reduce a range of values to n classes (methodologically wonky).
  • delet_na: Customizable way to drop NA observations from a dataset.
  • labels_to_factor: If you mix and match sjPlot, haven and ggplot2, you might need to translate labels to factors, which is precisely what this functions does. Drop in data.frame with label, receive data.frame with factors.
  • drop_labels: If you subset a labelled dataset, you might end up with labels that have no values with them. This function will drop the now unused labels.
  • pval_string: Shamalessly adapted from pixiedust::pvalString, this will format a p-value as a character string in common p < 0.001 notation and so on. The difference from the pixiedust version is that this function will also print p < 0.05.
  • tadaa_aov: For aov with included partial eta^2.
  • tadaa_t.test: For t.test with automatic homogenity of variance detection, effect size and power.
  • tadaa_normtest lets you do tests for normality (4 methods) over multiple variables.
  • mean_ci_t: Returns a data.frame with y (mean), ymin and ymax for the CI bounds.
    • confint_t: For the underlying function to get the CI width. Returns a single value.
  • tadaa_int: Simple interaction plot template.
  • tadaa_heatmap: Simple heatmap template.



  • New function: tadaa_normtest lets you do tests for normality (4 methods) over multiple variables.
  • New function: tadaa_heatmap generates a heatmap. Mhhh, heatmaps.
  • New function: tadaa_sem shows the standard error of the mean and it's confidence interval
  • New function: pval_string as a modification of pixiedust::pvalString that includes p < .05.
  • Added a ggplot2 theme for the rmdformats::readthedown Rmd template.
  • tadaa_aov, tadaa_t.test and the new tadaa_normtest now return a data.frame by default, allowing further shenanigans
  • New options in tadaa_int:
    • Set grid = TRUE for the two interaction plots to be printen in a grid via cowplot::plot_grid.
    • Choose the plot labels via the labels argument.
  • tadaa_int plot output now also is a little tidier and optimized for smaller widths.
  • tadaa_aov now also shows Cohen's f for easier power calculations based on f (pwr, G*power)
  • Add option reduce to modus, so multiple results will be concatenated to a character by default.
  • Add additional option as_character to modus because guessing about return value classes is no joke.
  • Fix issues with generate_recodes and interval_labels (#1).
  • Add tadaa_ord as ordinal equivalent of tadaa_nom.
  • Make table output of both of the former functions smaller in width by abbreviating column names
  • Add brewer_palette option to tadaa_int
  • Dependencies declared in DESCRIPTION are still experimental because of uncertainty regarding failing travis builds. I don't know what's going on there.
  • Add family tag to tadaa_ functions so their documentation is linked
  • Fix return values of tadaa_aov, _t.test and _nom which did not work as I expected
  • Fix typo in DESCRIPTION, misspelling pixiedust. Sorry!
  • Bump dependencies
    • pixiedust depends on R (>= 3.2.1), so we might as well depend on that version, too
    • Specifiy minimal versions for pixiedust, sjmisc, and broom, just to be safe
  • Add vignette
    • Overhauling README to be less redundant compared to the usage vignette
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Working on CRAN compatibility
  • Submitted to CRAN
  • It's on CRAN, yay!

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Authors: Lukas Burk [aut, cre], Tobias Anton [aut], Daniel L├╝decke [ctb]

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MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports stats, methods, broom, magrittr, pwr, pixiedust, car, ggplot2, nortest, viridis, DescTools

Suggests testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, cowplot

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