GUI Tool for Data Management like SPSS or Stata

R is very powerful but it lacks some of the functionalities found in Stata or SPSS to manage survey data. The 'memisc' package provides these (variable labels, value labels, definable missing values and so on), but to efficiently work these functions need a graphical interface to allow the user to get an overview of the data. This package provides such a graphical interface, similar in fashion to SPSS's Variable View and data managing system. It uses the 'memisc' package as its backend. Additionally, 'Rz' has a powerful plot assistant interface based on 'ggplot2'.


0.9-1 2013-07-28 feature add width option in layer options bugfix text import only reads 20 rows theme_rz() overwrites other theme options

0.9-0 2013-05-30 improve text file import rzAddItem() for add item to data.set autosave function refine layout clarification and minor fix on LICENSE file (license of write.spss() and write.stata())

0.7-2 2013-01-25 change iconset to solve the license compatibility problem enlarge toolbar icon size for visibility

0.7-0 Plot function is almost completely rewritten. RzThemeEditor. Run from Rz or execute RzThemeEditor(). Both of data.set and data.frame are now synced. Name of data.set is "(name of data.frame).ds" (ex. "dataset1.ds"). Reload function is now always enabled and reloads data from data.set object (ex. "dataset1.ds"). Select Cases function Duplicate Data function rzAddData() for add data from script. rzReloadData() for reload data from script. many bugfix

0.5-1 bugfix

0.5-0 2012-06-09 analysis view Basic Statistics function crossTable function Correlation function improve layout

0.4.2 relocate menu New Select All Button and Unselect Button Selected Variables View

0.4-0 2012-05-02 Plot when a index cell is double-clicked (in preferences) Link to Tutorial (in Help) load sample dataset (in Help) add axis limits option add errorbar and other option (statistics->summary) support ggplot2 0.9.0 add violin plot add delete variables function add duplicate function add misc options add scale selector in stratum options add "specify" option in legend position add theme(kde42-oxygen) improve plot view (excute button, clear button, variable selector, plot history) add stat_summary add method option of stat_smooth change display and edit of measurement edit value labels by double click a cell fix completion error fix variableview font setting fix position bug of plot ignore case on search minor fixes

0.3-8 2012-02-06 add quick editor add label editor add keyboard shortcuts fix a bug which blocks to unset missing values

0.3-7 fix InfoBar behavior fix a bug xlab & ylab options are invalid

0.3-6 2012-02-01 fix a bug which blocks startup Rz add theme folder selecter handling exception that specified theme doesn't exist improve row header of Data View fix preferences dialog's position

0.3-3 2012-01-31 fix issues around licenses

0.3-1 add data view add "add layer" button add geom and stat change stratum options' layout minor layout adjustment clarify license of themes and images

0.3-0 add Plot View add preferences add revert to original dataset add reload from global environment extend import and save file format many bugs fixed

0.2-1 2011-04-04 initial release

Reference manual

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0.9-1 by Masahiro Hayashi, 5 years ago

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Authors: Masahiro Hayashi

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) + file LICENSE license

Imports RGtk2, formatR

Depends on methods, grid, foreign, memisc, psych, ggplot2

Suggests quantreg, Hmisc, cairoDevice, vcd

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