Turner Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous utility functions for data manipulation, data tidying, and working with gene expression data.


Miscellaneous utility functions for manipulating data and your R environment.

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Documentation: http://stephenturner.github.io/Tmisc


Tmisc 0.1.17

  • Add in to insert =. Optionally map the keyboard shortcut to Alt+- to insert = instead of the traditional <-.

Tmisc 0.1.16

  • New functions %like% and %nlike% work like %in% and %nin%, but where the second argument is a regular expression to match.
  • New function gt2refalt() creates a two-letter genotype from a GT field from a VCF file.
  • Installs an RStudio add-in to insert %in%.
  • Added aliases for low-level manipulation in a dplyr pipeline:
    • brackets()
    • dollar()
    • is_in()
    • and()
    • or()
    • equals()
    • is_gt()
    • is_geq()
    • is_lt()
    • is_leq()
    • not()
    • set_colnames()
    • set_rownames()
    • set_names()
    • set_attributes()
    • set_attr()

Tmisc 0.1.15

  • New function mat2df() creates a pairwise distance data frame from a square matrix.

Tmisc 0.1.14

  • keep_top_n() thanks to Jeroen Janssens.
  • deseqresult2tbl() now lets you name the column extracted from the DESeq result's rownames anything you want.
  • Added the Datasaurus Dozen built-in dataset (datasaurus).
  • Small updates to enable documentation with pkgdown.
  • Inconsequential update to %nin%.

Tmisc 0.1.13

  • Cs() (from Hmisc): Convenience function to create a quoted character vector from unquoted strings.

Tmisc 0.1.12

  • Minor bugfixes

Tmisc 0.1.11

  • convert_to_NA() converts string values to true NA values (adapted from sfirke/janitor)
  • clean_names() cleans up the names in a data frame. Resulting names are unique and consist only of the _ character, lowercase letters, and numbers (taken from sfirke/janitor).
  • remove_empty_rows() and remove_empty_cols() removes any rows or columns composed entirely of NA values (taken from sfirke/janitor).

Tmisc 0.1.10

  • Tpairs() displays better pairwise scatterplot matrices than pairs().
  • Thist() plots a histogram with either a normal distribution or density plot overlay.
  • corner() displays the first few rows and columns of a data frame or matrix.
  • beep() plays a short beep to alert when something's done (from the beepr package).

Tmisc 0.1.9

  • Minor bugfixes.

Tmisc 0.1.8

  • jsd() compute the Jensen-Shannon divergence from a matrix of probabilities.
  • Mode() returns the mode of a vector.
  • gg_na() produces a plot showing the missing values in a data frame.
  • are_all_equal() assess whether all the components of a numeric vector are (approximately) equal.

Tmisc 0.1.7

  • gghues() generates color palette emulating ggplot2's default hues.

Tmisc 0.1.6

  • fisherp() uses Fisher's method to combine p-values.

Tmisc 0.1.5

  • dokuwiki() will convert a data.frame to a dokuwiki-formatted table, and will copy said table to the system clipboard if you're on Mac OS X.

Tmisc 0.1.4

  • strSort() alphabetically sorts characters in a string.

Reference manual

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0.1.19 by Stephen Turner, 3 months ago

https://github.com/stephenturner/Tmisc, http://stephenturner.github.io/Tmisc

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Authors: Stephen Turner [aut, cre] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9140-9028>)

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GPL-3 license

Imports dplyr, tibble, utils, rstudioapi

Suggests ggplot2, reshape2

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