Safely Access the RStudio API

Access the RStudio API (if available) and provide informative error messages when it's not.


rstudioapi 0.7

  • askForPassword() gains a default prompt (#41)

  • Add createProjectTemplate function

  • Add setPersistentValue/getPersistentValue functions

  • Add methods for interacting with Terminal tab: 'terminalActivate', 'terminalClear', 'terminalCreate', 'terminalList', 'terminalBuffer', 'terminalContext', 'terminalVisible', 'terminalBusy', 'terminalRunning', 'terminalKill', 'terminalSend', 'terminalExecute', and 'terminalExitCode'.

rstudioapi 0.6

  • Add sendToConsole function

  • Add APIs for setting cursor position in document

rstudioapi 0.5

  • Add askForPassword function

  • Add getActiveProject function

rstudioapi 0.4

  • Add API methods for interacting with a document open in RStudio: 'insertText()', 'modifyRange()' and 'getActiveDocumentContext()'.

rstudioapi 0.3

  • Add stub and documentation for sourceMarker function

rstudioapi 0.2

  • Compatibility with calling conventions for RStudio v0.99

  • Stubs and documentation for versionInfo, previewRd, and viewer functions

rstudioapi 0.1

Initial release to CRAN

Reference manual

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