Support Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"

Auxiliary functions and data sets for "Ecological Models and Data", a book presenting maximum likelihood estimation and related topics for ecologists (ISBN 978-0-691-12522-0).

News change default bandwidth within HPDregion minor cleanup to pass R CMD check add @data to calcslice 24/05/2010 (tweak/bugfix)

1.2.2: 17/03/2010 add (trivial) NAMESPACE add contour3d add xlim/ylim arguments to curve3d

1.2.1: 11/02/2010 remove adapt from install.packages(), add warning about adapt, move CITATION file

1.2: 17/08/2009 change test in lambertW to is.finite() added ggplot2 to install.packages(), streamline REMOVED "traceplot" code: nearly identical to xyplot.mcmc etc. in coda package 16/10/2008 add firfec0.bug to BUGS reverse date order of NEWS

1.1.1 tweak to curve3d from Robert Burns moved ChangeLog to NEWS added axis.scinot

1.1.0: argh, another tweak to get.emdbook.packages tweaked deltavar to be slightly more general

1.0.9: changed "Wrasse" to "Damsel[fish]" throughout (oops) tweaked get.emdbook.packages ( rather than sapply) tweaked LambertW NA behavior (still not optimal) ANOTHER big bug in dmvnorm (sigh): spurious factor of n before log determinant (should consider removing dmvnorm and just referring users to mvtnorm::dmvnorm) added cross-ref to mvtnorm::dmvnorm in dmvnorm.Rd

1.0.8: fixed major bugs in dmvnorm added bbmle to get.emdbook.packages added an extended version of trcoef (transform coefficients) added (preliminary) perturb.params tweaked some keywords/aliases added traditional parameterization for dbetabinom added note about SuppDists to ?dbetabinom removed coda dependency

   put myxo1.bug into BUGS directory

1.0.7: tweaked dbetabinom documentation fixed (major) bug in get.emdbook.packages added aliases to data .Rd files added reference to gsl package in lambertW Rd file added gridsearch2d added metropSB (Metropolis-Szymura-Barton)

1.0.6: internal tweaks tiny doc fix for Myxo (sum instead of bsum)

1.0.5: removed qcredint (HPDinterval[coda] is better) added calcslice, HPDregionplot, *chibarsq functions fixed deltavar tweaks to scinot() added lump.mcmc.list() changed dataset names, moved lily and goby data sets to emdbookx added require(coda) to as.mcmc.bugs added {d,r}betabinom added SeedPred_mass data (numeric vector of seed masses) added numeric derivatives to deltavar fixed bug in calcslice (not referring to correct function) added Lily data (moved from emdbookx)

1.0.4: added r/dzinbinom (zero-inflated negative binomial) functions lseq scinot added myxomatosis data added "none" option to curve3d added credible interval functions, as.mcmc.bugs

1.0.3: added more data (fir and fish survivorship), delta-method functions, get-packages function

1.0.1: added Vonesh data, lambertW function (from bbmisc)

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1.3.12 by Ben Bolker, a year ago

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Authors: Ben Bolker [aut, cre] , Sang Woo Park [ctb] , James Vonesh [dtc] , Jacqueline Wilson [dtc] , Russ Schmitt [dtc] , Sally Holbrook [dtc] , James D. Thomson [dtc] , R. Scot Duncan [dtc]

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Task views: Probability Distributions

GPL license

Imports MASS, lattice, plyr, coda, bbmle

Suggests R2jags, ellipse, SuppDists, numDeriv, testthat, rgl

Imported by BEDASSLE, SNSequate, rld, sfaR.

Depended on by spikes.

Suggested by bbmle, epiphy, fitteR.

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