Functions for the Logitnormal Distribution

Density, distribution, quantile and random generation function for the logitnormal distribution. Estimation of the mode and the first two moments. Estimation of distribution parameters.

logitnorm package provides support for the univariate logit-normal distribution. In addition to the usual random, density, percential, and quantile function, it helps with estimating distribution parameters from observations statistics.

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# Or the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")

See the package vignette for an introduction.

A simple example estimates distribution parameters from observation statistics of mode 0.7 and upper quantile 0.9. Next, the density is computed and plotted across a range of quantiles.

(theta <- twCoefLogitnormMLE(0.7,0.9))
#>             mu    sigma
#> [1,] 0.7608886 0.464783
x <- seq(0,1, length.out=81) 
d <- dlogitnorm(x, mu=theta[1,"mu"], sigma=theta[1,"sigma"])
abline(v=c(0.7,0.9), col="grey")


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