Reproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses

Includes data analysis functions (e.g., to calculate effect sizes and 95% Confidence Intervals (CI) on Standardised Effect Sizes (d) for ABBA cross-over repeated-measures experimental designs), data presentation functions (e.g., density curve overlaid on histogram), and the data sets analyzed in different research papers in software engineering (e.g., related to software defect prediction or multi-site experiment concerning the extent to which structured abstracts were clearer and more complete than conventional abstracts) to streamline reproducible research in software engineering.

The R package reproducer is aimed to support reproducible research in software engineering. See the package homepage for details and examples.

One may install the stable version from CRAN:

install.packages('reproducer', dependencies = TRUE)

You can use devtools to install the development version from my web site:

install.packages("devtools", dependencies = T, repos = "")

The motivation is to support reproducible research in software engineering via sharing data sets and code behind the published or just submitted papers.


CHANGES IN reproducer VERSION 0.1.6

  • added functions to reproduce simulation data, to calculate effect sizes and their variance discussed in a paper "Effect Sizes and their Variance for AB/BA Crossover Design Studies" by Lech Madeyski and Barbara Kitchenham.
    • getSimulationData
    • plotOutcomesForIndividualsInEachSequenceGroup
    • getEffectSizesABBA
    • getEffectSizesABBAIgnoringPeriodEffect
    • reproduceSimulationResultsBasedOn500Reps1000Obs
    • percentageInaccuracyOfLargeSampleVarianceApproximation
    • proportionOfSignificantTValuesUsingCorrectAnalysis
    • proportionOfSignificantTValuesUsingIncorrectAnalysis
  • new data set:
    • KitchenhamMadeyski.SimulatedCrossoverDataSets backed by functions (varianceSimulation, getSimulatedCrossoverDataSets) to reproduce the data set.
  • removed function:
    • cloudOfWords

CHANGES IN reproducer VERSION 0.1.5

  • corrected typo in a surname of one of the data contributors
  • corrected the name of the university in Hong Kong
  • corrected the boxplotAndDensityCurveOnHistogram function
  • updated references to research papers supported by the package

CHANGES IN reproducer VERSION 0.1.4

  • new data sets:
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.FINNISH
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.PolishSubjects
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.SubjectData
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.PolishData
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.DiffInDiffData
    • KitchenhamMadeyskiBudgen16.COCOMO
  • updated to be compatible with the ggplot2 2.0.0
  • minor visual changes in figures produced by the following methods:
    • densityCurveOnHistogram
    • boxplotHV
    • boxplotAndDensityCurveOnHistogram

CHANGES IN reproducer VERSION 0.1.3

  • added general functions
    • printXTable
    • cloudOfWords
  • added functions to reproduce all of the tables, figures and outputs in the paper by Lech Madeyski and Barbara Kitchenham on how variations in experimental designs impact the construction of comparable effect sizes for meta-analysis:
    • reproduceForestPlotRandomEffects
    • reproduceMixedEffectsAnalysisWithEstimatedVarianceAndExperimentalDesignModerator
    • reproduceMixedEffectsAnalysisWithExperimentalDesignModerator
    • reproduceMixedEffectsForestPlotWithExperimentalDesignModerator
    • reproduceTableWithEffectSizesBasedOnMeanDifferences
    • reproduceTableWithPossibleModeratingFactors
    • reproduceTableWithSourceDataByCiolkowski
  • added data sets:
    • Ciolkowski09ESEM.MetaAnalysis.PBRvsCBRorAR
    • MadeyskiKitchenham.MetaAnalysis.PBRvsCBRorAR
  • corrected Madeyski15EISEJ.StudProjects$STUD data set

CHANGES IN reproducer VERSION 0.1.2

  • The first published version of reproducer. It includes data sets:
    • Madeyski15SQJ.NDC
    • Madeyski15EISEJ.OpenProjects
    • Madeyski15EISEJ.PropProjects
    • Madeyski15EISEJ.StudProjects and functions (for importing data, visualization and descriptive analyses):
    • readExcelSheet
    • densityCurveOnHistogram
    • boxplotHV
    • boxplotAndDensityCurveOnHistogram

See the package homepage ( for documentation and examples.

Reference manual

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0.1.9 by Lech Madeyski, 4 months ago

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Authors: Lech Madeyski [cre, aut, ctb], Marian Jureczko [ctb] (Data contributor), Barbara Kitchenham [ctb] (Data and code contributor), David Budgen [ctb] (Data contributor), Pearl Brereton [ctb] (Data contributor), Jacky Keung [ctb] (Data contributor), Stuart Charters [ctb] (Data contributor), Shirley Gibbs [ctb] (Data contributor), Amnart Pohthong [ctb] (Data contributor)

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

CC BY 4.0 license

Imports openxlsx, ggplot2, gridExtra, xtable, metafor, lme4, MASS, stats

Suggests testthat, assertthat

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