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StatMatch — by Marcello D'Orazio, 2 years ago

Statistical Matching or Data Fusion

Integration of two data sources referred to the same target population which share a number of variables. Some functions can also be used to impute missing values in data sets through hot deck imputation methods. Methods to perform statistical matching when dealing with data from complex sample surveys are available too.

univOutl — by Marcello D'Orazio, 2 years ago

Detection of Univariate Outliers

Well known outlier detection techniques in the univariate case. Methods to deal with skewed distribution are included too. The Hidiroglou-Berthelot (1986) method to search for outliers in ratios of historical data is implemented as well. When available, survey weights can be used in outliers detection.

shipunov — by ORPHANED, a year ago

Miscellaneous Functions from Alexey Shipunov

A collection of functions for data manipulation, plotting and statistical computing, to use separately or with the book "Visual Statistics. Use R!": Shipunov (2020) < http://ashipunov.info/shipunov/software/r/r-en.htm>. Dr Alexey Shipunov died in December 2022. Most useful functions: Bclust(), Jclust() and BootA() which bootstrap hierarchical clustering; Recode() which does multiple recoding in a fast, simple and flexible way; Misclass() which outputs confusion matrix even if classes are not concerted; Overlap() which measures group separation on any projection; Biarrows() which converts any scatterplot into biplot; and Pleiad() which is fast and flexible correlogram.

etasFLP — by Marcello Chiodi, 7 months ago

Mixed FLP and ML Estimation of ETAS Space-Time Point Processes for Earthquake Description

Estimation of the components of an ETAS (Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence) model for earthquake description. Non-parametric background seismicity can be estimated through FLP (Forward Likelihood Predictive). New version 2.0.0: covariates have been introduced to explain the effects of external factors on the induced seismicity; the parametrization has been changed; Chiodi, Adelfio (2017).

appRiori — by Umberto Granziol, 2 months ago

Code and Obtain Customized Planned Comparisons with 'appRiori'

With 'appRiori', users upload the research variables and the app guides them to the best set of comparisons fitting the hypotheses, for both main and interaction effects. Through a graphical explanation and empirical examples on reproducible data, it is shown that it is possible to understand both the logic behind the planned comparisons and the way to interpret them when a model is tested.