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rtika — by Sasha Goodman, 5 months ago

R Interface to 'Apache Tika'

Extract text or metadata from over a thousand file types, using Apache Tika < https://tika.apache.org/>. Get either plain text or structured XHTML content.

DataPackageR — by Greg Finak, a month ago

Construct Reproducible Analytic Data Sets as R Packages

A framework to help construct R data packages in a reproducible manner. Potentially time consuming processing of raw data sets into analysis ready data sets is done in a reproducible manner and decoupled from the usual R CMD build process so that data sets can be processed into R objects in the data package and the data package can then be shared, built, and installed by others without the need to repeat computationally costly data processing. The package maintains data provenance by turning the data processing scripts into package vignettes, as well as enforcing documentation and version checking of included data objects. Data packages can be version controlled in github, and used to share data for manuscripts, collaboration and general reproducibility.

taxize — by Scott Chamberlain, 2 months ago

Taxonomic Information from Around the Web

Interacts with a suite of web 'APIs' for taxonomic tasks, such as getting database specific taxonomic identifiers, verifying species names, getting taxonomic hierarchies, fetching downstream and upstream taxonomic names, getting taxonomic synonyms, converting scientific to common names and vice versa, and more.

googleLanguageR — by Mark Edmondson, 3 months ago

Call Google's 'Natural Language' API, 'Cloud Translation' API, 'Cloud Speech' API and 'Cloud Text-to-Speech' API

Call 'Google Cloud' machine learning APIs for text and speech tasks. Call the 'Cloud Translation' API < https://cloud.google.com/translate/> for detection and translation of text, the 'Natural Language' API < https://cloud.google.com/natural-language/> to analyse text for sentiment, entities or syntax, the 'Cloud Speech' API < https://cloud.google.com/speech/> to transcribe sound files to text and the 'Cloud Text-to-Speech' API < https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/> to turn text into sound files.

essurvey — by Jorge Cimentada, a month ago

Download Data from the European Social Survey on the Fly

Download data from the European Social Survey directly from their website < http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/>. There are two families of functions that allow you to download and interactively check all countries and rounds available.

rfisheries — by Karthik Ram, 3 years ago

'Programmatic Interface to the 'openfisheries.org' API'

A programmatic interface to 'openfisheries.org'. This package is part of the 'rOpenSci' suite ( http://ropensci.org).

NLMR — by Marco Sciaini, 6 months ago

Simulating Neutral Landscape Models

Provides neutral landscape models (, < http://sci-hub.tw/10.1007/bf02275262>). Neutral landscape models range from "hard" neutral models (completely random distributed), to "soft" neutral models (definable spatial characteristics) and generate landscape patterns that are independent of ecological processes. Thus, these patterns can be used as null models in landscape ecology. 'nlmr' combines a large number of algorithms from other published software for simulating neutral landscapes. The simulation results are obtained in a geospatial data format (raster* objects from the 'raster' package) and can, therefore, be used in any sort of raster data operation that is performed with standard observation data.

RSelenium — by Ju Yeong Kim, 7 days ago

R Bindings for 'Selenium WebDriver'

Provides a set of R bindings for the 'Selenium 2.0 WebDriver' (see < https://seleniumhq.github.io/docs/wd.html> for more information) using the 'JsonWireProtocol' (see < https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium/wiki/JsonWireProtocol> for more information). 'Selenium 2.0 WebDriver' allows driving a web browser natively as a user would either locally or on a remote machine using the Selenium server it marks a leap forward in terms of web browser automation. Selenium automates web browsers (commonly referred to as browsers). Using RSelenium you can automate browsers locally or remotely.

geoparser — by Maëlle Salmon, a year ago

Interface to the Geoparser.io API for Identifying and Disambiguating Places Mentioned in Text

A wrapper for the Geoparser.io API version 0.4.0 (see < https://geoparser.io/>), which is a web service that identifies places mentioned in text, disambiguates those places, and returns detailed data about the places found in the text. Basic, limited API access is free with paid plans to accommodate larger workloads.

riem — by Maëlle Salmon, 2 years ago

Accesses Weather Data from the Iowa Environment Mesonet

Allows to get weather data from Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) stations (airports) in the whole world thanks to the Iowa Environment Mesonet website.