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mangoTraining — by Andrew Little, 3 years ago

Mango Solutions Training Datasets

Datasets to be used primarily in conjunction with Mango Solutions training materials but also for the book 'SAMS Teach Yourself R in 24 Hours' (ISBN: 978-0-672-33848-9). Version 1.0-7 is largely for use with the book; however, version 1.1 has a much greater focus on use with training materials, whilst retaining compatibility with the book.

fullfact — by Aimee Lee Houde, 3 months ago

Full Factorial Breeding Analysis

We facilitate the analysis of full factorial mating designs with mixed-effects models. The package contains six vignettes containing detailed examples.

GENEAclassify — by Jia Ying Chua, 3 months ago

Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data

Segmentation and classification procedures for data from the 'Activinsights GENEActiv' < https://activinsights.com/technology/geneactiv/> accelerometer that provides the user with a model to guess behaviour from test data where behaviour is missing. Includes a step counting algorithm, a function to create segmented data with custom features and a function to use recursive partitioning provided in the function rpart() of the 'rpart' package to create classification models.

broman — by Karl W Broman, 10 hours ago

Karl Broman's R Code

Miscellaneous R functions, including functions related to graphics (mostly for base graphics), permutation tests, running mean/median, and general utilities.