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tailloss — by Isabella Gollini, 4 years ago

Estimate the Probability in the Upper Tail of the Aggregate Loss Distribution

Set of tools to estimate the probability in the upper tail of the aggregate loss distribution using different methods: Panjer recursion, Monte Carlo simulations, Markov bound, Cantelli bound, Moment bound, and Chernoff bound.

lvm4net — by Isabella Gollini, a month ago

Latent Variable Models for Networks

Latent variable models for network data using fast inferential procedures. For more information please visit: < http://igollini.github.io/lvm4net/>.

GWmodel — by Binbin Lu, 3 days ago

Geographically-Weighted Models

Techniques from a particular branch of spatial statistics,termed geographically-weighted (GW) models. GW models suit situations when data are not described well by some global model, but where there are spatial regions where a suitably localised calibration provides a better description. 'GWmodel' includes functions to calibrate: GW summary statistics (Brunsdon et al. 2002), GW principal components analysis (Harris et al. 2011), GW discriminant analysis (Brunsdon et al. 2007) and various forms of GW regression (Brunsdon et al. 1996); some of which are provided in basic and robust (outlier resistant) forms.

effectsizescr — by Isabella Giammusso, a year ago

Indices for Single-Case Research

Parametric and nonparametric statistics for single-case design. Regarding nonparametric statistics, the index suggested by Parker, Vannest, Davis and Sauber (2011) was included. It combines both nonoverlap and trend to estimate the effect size of a treatment in a single case design.