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tmap — by Martijn Tennekes, 7 months ago

Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are geographical maps in which spatial data distributions are visualized. This package offers a flexible, layer-based, and easy to use approach to create thematic maps, such as choropleths and bubble maps.

RPyGeo — by Alexander Brenning, 4 years ago

ArcGIS Geoprocessing via Python

Provides access to ArcGIS geoprocessing tools by building an interface between R and the ArcPy Python side-package via the reticulate package.

mlr3spatiotempcv — by Patrick Schratz, 2 months ago

Spatiotemporal Resampling Methods for 'mlr3'

Extends the mlr3 ML framework with spatio-temporal resampling methods to account for the presence of spatiotemporal autocorrelation (STAC) in predictor variables. STAC may cause highly biased performance estimates in cross-validation if ignored.