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tmap — by Martijn Tennekes, 2 months ago

Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are geographical maps in which spatial data distributions are visualized. This package offers a flexible, layer-based, and easy to use approach to create thematic maps, such as choropleths and bubble maps.

treemap — by Martijn Tennekes, 3 years ago

Treemap Visualization

A treemap is a space-filling visualization of hierarchical structures. This package offers great flexibility to draw treemaps.

tmaptools — by Martijn Tennekes, 2 months ago

Thematic Map Tools

Set of tools for reading and processing spatial data. The aim is to supply the workflow to create thematic maps. This package also facilitates 'tmap', the package for visualizing thematic maps.

tabplot — by Martijn Tennekes, 9 months ago

Tableplot, a Visualization of Large Datasets

A tableplot is a visualisation of a (large) dataset with a dozen of variables, both numeric and categorical. Each column represents a variable and each row bin is an aggregate of a certain number of records. Numeric variables are visualized as bar charts, and categorical variables as stacked bar charts. Missing values are taken into account. Also supports large 'ffdf' datasets from the 'ff' package.

psfmi — by Martijn Heymans, 4 months ago

Prediction Model Selection and Performance Evaluation in Multiple Imputed Datasets

Provides functions to apply pooling or backward selection of logistic, Cox regression and Multilevel (mixed models) prediction models in multiply imputed datasets. Backward selection can be done from the pooled model using Rubin's Rules (RR), the D1, D2, D3 and promising median p-values method. The model can contain continuous, dichotomous, categorical predictors and interaction terms between all these type of predictors. Continuous predictors can also be introduced as restricted cubic spline coefficients. It is also possible to force (spline) predictors or interaction terms in the model during predictor selection. The package includes a function to evaluate the stability of the models using bootstrapping and cluster bootstrapping. The package further contains functions to generate pooled model performance measures in multiply imputed datasets as ROC/AUC, R-squares, Brier score, fit test values and calibration plots for logistic regression models. A function to apply Bootstrap internal validation is also available where two methods can be used to combine bootstrapping and multiple imputation. One method, boot_MI, first draws bootstrap samples and subsequently performs multiple imputation and with the other method, MI_boot, first bootstrap samples are drawn from each imputed dataset before results are combined. The adjusted intercept after shrinkage of the pooled regression coefficients can be subsequently obtained. Backward selection as part of internal validation is also an option. Also a function to externally validate logistic prediction models in multiple imputed datasets is available. Eekhout (2017) . Wiel (2009) . Marshall (2009) .

EmpiricalCalibration — by Martijn Schuemie, 2 months ago

Routines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates

Routines for performing empirical calibration of observational study estimates. By using a set of negative control hypotheses we can estimate the empirical null distribution of a particular observational study setup. This empirical null distribution can be used to compute a calibrated p-value, which reflects the probability of observing an estimated effect size when the null hypothesis is true taking both random and systematic error into account. A similar approach can be used to calibrate confidence intervals, using both negative and positive controls.

SqlRender — by Martijn Schuemie, 18 days ago

Rendering Parameterized SQL and Translation to Dialects

A rendering tool for parameterized SQL that also translates into different SQL dialects. These dialects include 'Microsoft Sql Server', 'Oracle', 'PostgreSql', 'Amazon RedShift', 'Apache Impala', 'IBM Netezza', 'Google BigQuery', 'Microsoft PDW', and 'SQLite'.

ParallelLogger — by Martijn Schuemie, a month ago

Support for Parallel Computation, Logging, and Function Automation

Support for parallel computation with progress bar, and option to stop or proceed on errors. Also provides logging to console and disk, and the logging persists in the parallel threads. Additional functions support function call automation with delayed execution (e.g. for executing functions in parallel).

Andromeda — by Martijn Schuemie, 3 days ago

Asynchronous Disk-Based Representation of Massive Data

Storing very large data objects on a local drive, while still making it possible to manipulate the data in an efficient manner.

tabplotd3 — by Edwin de Jonge, 7 years ago

Tabplotd3, interactive inspection of large data

A tableplot is a visualisation of a (large) dataset with a dozen of variables, both numeric and categorical. This package contains an interactive version of tableplot working in your browser.