Miscellaneous Utilities and Functions

A collection of miscellaneous tools and functions, such as tools to generate descriptive statistics tables, format output, visualize relations among variables or check distributions.

An R package with general utility and convenience functions. Some of these are general functions that help using and exploring SEM style data. Others are more specific. This package has grown out of my own work, and is often to automate repetitive tasks.


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I do not have any vignettes or demos for this package. However, the functions are documented and I have included examples in the function documentation that are relatively basic. Below are just a few examples that I tend to use it for:

  • check the univariate distribution of a variable:
testdistr(mtcars$mpg, "normal")
  • check the distributions of a variables' residuals
testdistr(resid(lm(Petal.Length ~ Species, data = iris)), "normal")
  • check for multivariate normality
  • view a heatmap of a correlation matrix
plot(SEMSummary(~ Petal.Length + Sepal.Length + Petal.Width + Sepal.Width, data = iris))

This package also has some utility functions used for other packages, such as calculating empirical p-values from bootstrapping or MCMC samples as from a Bayesian analysis, etc. These are probably less interesting to most users.


JWileymisc 0.2.1

New Features

  • testdistr() function to plot data against different theoretical distributions using ggplot2. A sort of generalized qqnorm() allowing other distributions besides the normal distribution.

  • winsorizor() Function moved from pscore package. Sets any values beyond specific quantiles of the empirical data to the specified quantiles. Can work on vectors, data frames, or matrices.

JWileymisc 0.2.0

Initial release to CRAN.

Reference manual

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0.2.1 by Joshua F. Wiley, 2 years ago


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Authors: Joshua F. Wiley <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) license

Imports stats, utils, MASS, Hmisc, multcompView, devtools, graphics, mgcv, plyr, mice, lavaan

Depends on data.table, ggplot2, cowplot, foreach

Suggests scales, testthat

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