Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with Automatic Smoothness Estimation

Generalized additive (mixed) models, some of their extensions and other generalized ridge regression with multiple smoothing parameter estimation by (Restricted) Marginal Likelihood, Generalized Cross Validation and similar. Includes a gam() function, a wide variety of smoothers, JAGS support and distributions beyond the exponential family.


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1.8-24 by Simon Wood, 7 days ago

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Authors: Simon Wood <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Bayesian Inference, Econometrics, Analysis of Ecological and Environmental Data, Statistics for the Social Sciences

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports methods, stats, graphics, Matrix

Depends on nlme

Suggests splines, parallel, survival, MASS

Imported by AIG, AdaptFitOS, BinQuasi, CatPredi, ClusVis, CondIndTests, DHARMa, DSpat, DSsim, FCGR, FDboost, FLightR, FWDselect, HLMdiag, Haplin, INDperform, JWileymisc, KMgene, KarsTS, LMERConvenienceFunctions, LW1949, MBHdesign, MBSGS, MFPCA, MHTrajectoryR, ModelMap, MvBinary, Plasmode, QRM, QuasiSeq, RAPTOR, RLRsim, RcmdrPlugin.HH, SEERaBomb, SSDM, SensMap, SentimentAnalysis, StatDA, TSrepr, VWPre, VarSelLCM, WVPlots, WhiteStripe, analogue, anipaths, apsimr, brms, caffsim, car, causaldrf, colordistance, demography, discSurv, dlnm, drsmooth, dtwSat, ega, emon, ez, fRegression, face, funreg, gamCopula, gamRR, gamclass, gamm4.test, geoGAM, ggiraphExtra, goeveg, groc, gsg, iRegression, interflex, kpcalg, ks, landsat, loa, logistf, lspartition, mapfuser, mbgraphic, mirt, mrds, networkGen, npregfast, oddsratio, openair, palaeoSig, particles, pdp, pitchRx, poptrend, predkmeans, r2glmm, refund, reldist, rioja, rlme, rstpm2, sdPrior, secr, seqICP, sesem, simPH, sisal, slp, snht, spatstat, srp, stacomiR, tripEstimation, tsDyn, tukeytrend, vegan, vows, voxel, xwf, zetadiv.

Depended on by CAM, FlexGAM, GJRM, KnowBR, MAPLES, MPINet, NIRStat, PanJen, R2BayesX, STAR, SemiParSampleSel, TSA, TTS, bamlss, bgeva, cenGAM, coenoflex, coxed, denseFLMM, dlmap, dsm, eHOF, fcr, fda.usc, gamlss.add, gamlss.spatial, gamm4, gammSlice, gvcm.cat, ibr, ismev, itsadug, labdsv, modTempEff, mombf, multipleNCC, nlshelper, nontarget, ordPens, personalized, qgam, reams, robustgam, scam, season, semsfa, sparseFLMM, structree, trioGxE.

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