Super Learner Prediction

Implements the super learner prediction method and contains a library of prediction algorithms to be used in the super learner.


News for the SuperLearner package.

Version: 2.0-24 Date: 2018-07-10

  • remove multicore test in randomForest test. Was generating warning note on CRAN devel

Version: 2.0-23 Date: 2018-03-09

  • fixed transformation of outcome in SL.dbarts for binomial family
  • SampleSplitSuperLearner(): support validation sample size of 1 when observation's row number is passed in via 'split'.
  • Fixed case where single-column X in combination with more than one screening algorithm causes failure in SuperLearner(), snowSuperLearner(), mcSuperLearner(), SampleSplitSuperLearner().
  • methods CC.* modified to handle duplicated columns better (PR #106)
  • Updated S3 class name for gam::gam() to be Gam

Version: 2.0-22 Date: 2017-07-07

  • Added model.matrix to SL.xgboost
  • Fixed innerCvControl in CV.SuperLearner to allow multiple parameters. It must now be a list of lists.
  • create.Learner(): support character arguments.
  • Glmnet: support alternative loss functions; when predicting automatically add any missing covariates and remove covariates not in the original data.
  • Added SL.kernelKnn
  • Added SL.ksvm
  • Added SL.ranger
  • Added vignette: "Guide to SuperLearner"
  • Added SL.biglasso
  • Added SL.lm, SL.speedlm, and SL.speedglm
  • Added SL.lda and SL.qda
  • Added SL.dbarts for C++-based bayesian additive regression trees.
  • SL.lm and SL.glm now have a model argument, defaulting to TRUE (matching glm and lm), but can be changed to FALSE to conserve memory. Both wrappers also explicitly convert X matrix to a data frame.
  • Added SL.extraTrees for extremely randomized trees, a random forest variant.
  • Fixes prediction when a learner fails for methods: NNLS, NNloglik, CC_nloglik, and AUC. NNLS2 and CC_LS still have this bug. This fix required that an additional optional argument "errorsInLibrary" be passed to methods. This argument is a vector set to TRUE for learners that failed during model fitting.

Version: 2.0-21 Date: 2016-10-03

  • Add validRows option for CV.SuperLearner. Can now pass a cvControl for the outer CV and a list of cvControls, one for each cross-validation folds SuperLearner calls. default number of folds in CV.SuperLearner is now 10, matching the default with cvControl. If the user specifies both V and number of folds in cvControl(), an error message is returned.

Version: 2.0-20 Date: 2016-08-09

  • Added shrinkage parameter to SL.gbm
  • fixed mtry default in SL.randomForest
  • in CV.SuperLearner, fixed order for checking parallel options and folds argument in parLapply (thanks Chris Kennedy)
  • updated method.AUC to change defaults on the optimization and add warnings for non-convergence
  • Added wrapper for xgboost (thanks Chris Kennedy)
  • Added wrapper for bartMachine (thanks Chris Kennedy)
  • Added checks
  • Added environments for SuperLearner() and CV.SuperLearner() wrappers search path (includes SL., screen., and method.* wrappers)
  • Added binary outcomes for SL.cforest

Version: 2.0-19 Date: 2016-02-02

  • Updated contact information
  • Added additional svm() arguments for SL.svm

Version: 2.0-18 Date: 2014-04-25

  • Added recombineSL and recombineCVSL functions to re-fit the ensemble using a new metalearner in a computationally efficient manner
  • For all wrappers, converted to format package::function when calling functions from other namespaces
  • Added S3 method declarations for all predict.SL.* functions
  • Added a SL.nnls and predict.SL.nnls functions

Version: 2.0-17 Date: 2014-04-13

  • Moved cvAUC to imports

Version: 2.0-16 Date: 2014-08-07

  • Fixed error when computeCoef was re-run because of algorithms failing on full data
  • Fixed Description field in Description file for CRAN policy

Version: 2.0-15 Date: 2014-07-16

  • Fixed check for method.AUC and family
  • Moved SL.bart over to SuperLearneExtra because BayesTree package no longer on CRAN

Version: 2.0-14 Date: 2014-07-14

  • Added method.AUC, contributed by Erin LeDell

Version: 2.0-13 Date: 2014-04-16

  • added the SampleSplitSuperLearner function to allow sample split validation instead of V-fold cross-validation

Version: 2.0-11 Date: 2013-12-31

  • fixed package requirement in CV.SuperLearner from multicore to parallel
  • Fixed a conflict with the reorder function in plot.CV.SuperLearner (between the stats and gdata namespace)
  • Fixed a bug in SL.svm when family is binomial to grab the correct predicted probabilities (thanks to Jeremy Coyle)
  • Added .Rbuildignore to not include the file from GitHub on CRAN
  • Removed SuperLearner.Rnw
  • Moved vignettes to vignettes folder
  • Changed cluster example to use PSOCK instead of MPI in SuperLearner.Rd
  • removed the ":::" in plot.CV.SuperLearner
  • moved quadprog from depends to suggests as it is only called if the user uses method = "method.NNLS2" not the default.
  • Added method.CC_LS and method.CC_nloglik. These provide true convex combination optimization for the 2 loss functions. Contributed by Sam Lendle.

Version: 2.0-9 Date: 2012-09-10

  • Updated help documents
  • Added links to SuperLearnerExtra on Github

Version: 2.0-7 Date: 2012-04-04

  • Switched from snow and multicore to parallel package
  • fixed bug in CV.SuperLearner for leave-one-out cross-validation
  • fixed bug in snowSuperLearner when only one screening algorithm is present
  • method.NNloglik now reports the average -log likelihood instead of the sum to be consistent with NNLS

Version: 2.0-6 Date: 2012-02-29

Version: 2.0-5 Date: 2011-10-12

  • Fixed bug in CV.SuperLearner not saving SuperLearner objects (watch out for ifelse() statements).
  • Added minbucket to SL.rpart.
  • Added SL.rpartPrune, a version of SL.rpart with built-in pruning.

Version: 2.0-4 Date: 2011-10-01

  • Minor changes to Rd files to cut build and check time. Time intensive examples now wrapped in \dontrun for CRAN.

Version: 2.0-3 Date: 2011-08-05

  • added plot.CV.SuperLearner

Version: 2.0-2 Date: 2011-06-07

  • fixed bug when one of the algorithms in SL.library has an error.
  • fixed mcSuperLearner and snowSuperLearner not saving fitLibrary.
  • added a placeholder Sweave vignette (SuperLearnerPresent.Rnw) to contain the SuperLearner presentation so the file can be found using the vignette() and browseVignettes() functions.
  • CV.SuperLearner now outputs LibraryNames, SL.library, method and Y.
  • summary.CV.SuperLearner has returned

Version: 2.0-1 Date: 2011-05-17

  • added predict.SuperLearner

Version: 2.0-0 Date: 2010-12-27

  • Version 2.* represents a complete rewrite of the SuperLearner package.
  • Details on the changes from Version 1.* to 2.* can be found in ChangeLog.

Reference manual

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2.0-26 by Eric Polley, a year ago

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Authors: Eric Polley [aut, cre] , Erin LeDell [aut] , Chris Kennedy [aut] , Sam Lendle [ctb] , Mark van der Laan [aut, ths]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Machine Learning & Statistical Learning

GPL-3 license

Imports cvAUC

Depends on nnls

Suggests arm, bartMachine, biglasso, bigmemory, caret, class, devtools, e1071, earth, extraTrees, gam, gbm, genefilter, ggplot2, glmnet, ipred, KernelKnn, kernlab, knitr, lattice, LogicReg, MASS, mlbench, nloptr, nnet, party, polspline, prettydoc, quadprog, randomForest, ranger, RhpcBLASctl, ROCR, rmarkdown, rpart, SIS, speedglm, spls, sva, testthat, xgboost

Imported by CBDA, CIMTx, RISCA, causalweight, drtmle, expose, nlpred, survtmle, vimp.

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