Measurement Units for R Vectors

Support for measurement units in R vectors, matrices and arrays: automatic propagation, conversion, derivation and simplification of units; raising errors in case of unit incompatibility. Compatible with the POSIXct, Date and difftime classes. Uses the UNIDATA udunits library and unit database for unit compatibility checking and conversion. Documentation about 'units' is provided in the paper by Pebesma, Mailund & Hiebert (2016, ), included in this package as a vignette; see 'citation("units")' for details.


version 0.6-3

  • improve platform dependent encodings handling; #183

  • don't force as.numeric when unnecessary; #182 addressing #181

  • fix valgrind issues on CRAN and tidy up tests; #193 addressing #192

  • new method drop_units for data frames; #191 addressing #187

version 0.6-2

  • fix support for logarithms and decibels; #177 addressing #176
  • add delayed S3 registration mechanism for R >= 3.6.0

version 0.6-1

  • vectors with mixed units are now supported; #145

  • NA values for units now trigger a proper error message; #163

version 0.6-0

  • print units as [unit] more consistently, e.g. for single unit and in data.frames; #132

  • improve printing of unitless units; provide option to print something else than 1; #150

  • fix printing unitless in labels when negative_power is TRUE; #133

  • install_symbolic_unit now adds a dimensionless unit, integrated in the units system, meaning that prefixes on it work as well; #71

  • install_conversion_constant and install_conversion_offset now install a new unit that is a function of an existing udunits unit.; #71, #84

  • unit simplification can now be user-controlled by units_options; #89

  • set_units(15, mg/kg) is now no longer simplified to 1e-9 unitless; #89

  • directly uses the udunits2 C library; drop dependence on R package udunits2, fixing R package udunits2 memory leaks; #135

  • drops %*%, no longer gives warning when loading

version 0.5-1

version 0.5-0

  • deal with trigonometric functions for units degree; return units rad on inverse trigonometric functions.

  • Unit creation has been significantly refactored. units<- now accepts strings or quoted language objects on the right hand side, powered by new S3 methods for as_units. All valid unit symbols and unit names recognized by package 'udunits2' are now accepted. New user facing function make_units() (plural s) is also provided. See ?as_units for details. @t-kalinowski

  • new functions valid_udunits() and valid_udunits_prefixes() generate tidy dataframes listing all the valid unit names, symbols, and prefixes recognized by udunits. @t-kalinowski

  • new function install_symbolic_unit() for adding custom, user-defined units. @t-kalinowski

  • make_unit and parse_unit (singular unit) have been deprecated, please use as_units instead.

  • ud_units is no longer necessary and is soft-deprecated, and may be removed in a future release.

  • add %*% as an S3 generic; #54

  • add %% and %/% to Ops.units

  • support unary + and - ; #56

  • add seq method for units, converting units to those of the first argument

  • Deprecate as.dt for as_difftime, as.units for as_units and as_cf for deparse_unit

version 0.4-6

  • add all.equal method for units; #51

  • add deparse_unit to replace as_cf

  • add calender/time conversions between udunits time units like minutes from 1900-0-0, and R's POSIXct and Date

  • add as_units to replace as.units

  • rename as.dt to as_difftime

version 0.4-5

  • add support for user-defined unit conversion; #31

  • allow for 1/n integer powers, as in set_units(1:10, m^-2) ^ 0.5; #29

  • properly set log units after log transform; #33

  • sin, cos and tan no longer complain when units is rad, and return unitless; #40

  • now allow for set_units(1:3, "°C") and also set_units(1:3, "degree_Celsius") by resolving names to symbols first; #43

  • set_units(x) with x numeric sets units to unitless; #41

version 0.4-4

  • fix a result units bug when multiplying or dividing units vectors of different length, #34

  • add a rep method for units vectors

version 0.4-3

  • support for set_units(1:10, m) which does not require to declare or define, m (m is resolved automatically from ud_units)

Reference manual

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