Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes

Reading, manipulating, writing and plotting spatiotemporal arrays (raster and vector data cubes) in 'R', using 'GDAL' bindings provided by 'sf', and 'NetCDF' bindings by 'ncmeta' and 'RNetCDF'.


version 0.3-1

  • handle bounds, when given, in read_ncdf

  • provide time parsing (POSIXct, PCICt) for read_ncdf; #115

version 0.3-0

  • add st_area method to return raster grid cell sizes; #99

  • fix st_warp with use_gdal=TRUE, allowing for multi-band warps

  • add st_get_dimension_values to get the values of a particular dimension (if meaningful); #100

  • allow for setting intervals as dimension values; see examples of st_dimensions

  • add st_contour, and clean up st_as_sf; #99

  • experimental color table support;

  • rewrote vignettes, added vignettes; #99

  • deprecate st_write.stars for write_stars; #96

  • use "native" R array-factor support

  • support for PCICt 360- and 365-day calendars; #29

  • remove import of ncdf4 in favour of RNetCDF, now in line with practice in ncmeta package. Thanks to David Blodgett for motivation and testing (see #87, #94).

  • st_as_sf uses date/time column names when appropriate

  • allow missing trailing comma's when subsetting: a[1,,] and a[1,] now do the same.

  • move rlang to Imports: ; rewrite [ subset using rlang.

  • add conversion to and from Spatial* classes, including the gridded ones, taking care of factor variables

  • depend on sf 0.7-2

  • add logz support for log-scale keys to plot and image

version 0.2-0

  • vignettes now use an external package, starsdata, for larger dataset examples

  • support [<-.stars e.g. to mask out values; support to replace NA masks

  • support cut methods and factor arrays (plot, subset); #56

  • add st_rasterize, which uses GDALRasterize to rasterize an sf object; #13

  • st_as_sf.stars now uses GDAL(F)Polygonize when give a regular or sheared grid grid cells are not points, and returns contour bands using GDALContourGenerateEx (requiring GDAL 2.4.0) in case cells are points; #13

  • support curvilinear grids; see #54 and the data_model vignette

  • add vignette about how stars_proxy objects work

  • stars_proxy objects defer processing of st_apply jobs until after subsampling; #50

  • allow reading sections of a raster, raster at a lower resolution, selected bands; #48

  • allow reading vectors (arrays) with more than 2^31 elements; #48

  • fold all higher dimensions into the third dimension before coercing to Raster; #40

version 0.1-1

  • add meta data reader to read_stars

version 0.1-0

  • add merge (merge attributes into array dimension) and split (split dimension over attributes)

  • interface to sf, raster and spacetime

  • improve plotting

  • handle logical arrays in plot

  • add st_apply, analogous to apply

  • add cropping/masking when used as x[buf] with buf an sf, sfc or bbox object; masking when x[buf, crop = FALSE]

  • add Ops (+,-,/ etc) and Math (sqrt, pow, sin etc) methods

  • add dimnames and dimnames<- methods for stars objects

  • downsample large grids to only plot pixels actually shown

  • can plot rectilinear grids (but will plot rgb images as regular grids)

  • rgb argument to image works

  • [ array-like subsetting works; first index is attribute selector

version 0.0

  • interface the 9 C++ gdal utils through gdal_utils() (now part of sf)

Reference manual

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0.4-2 by Edzer Pebesma, 5 days ago,

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Authors: Edzer Pebesma [aut, cre] , Michael Sumner [ctb] , Etienne Racine [ctb] , Adriano Fantini [ctb] , David Blodgett [ctb]

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Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data

Apache License license

Imports methods, parallel, classInt, lwgeom, rlang, units

Depends on abind, sf

Suggests PCICt, RNetCDF, covr, cubelyr, digest, dplyr, exactextractr, future.apply, ggforce, ggplot2, ggthemes, gstat, httr, jsonlite, knitr, maps, ncdfgeom, ncmeta, pbapply, plm, raster, rmarkdown, sp, spacetime, spatstat, starsdata, testthat, viridis, xts, zoo

Imported by RGISTools, cubeview, fgdr, mapsapi, sen2r, simplevis, tmap, tmaptools.

Depended on by starsExtra.

Suggested by gdalcubes, ggspatial, gstat, leafem, mapview, meteoland, nngeo, palr, rgrass7, sf, shadow.

Enhanced by landscapemetrics.

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