Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'

Some extra themes, geoms, and scales for 'ggplot2'. Provides 'ggplot2' themes and scales that replicate the look of plots by Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, 'Fivethirtyeight', 'The Economist', 'Stata', 'Excel', and 'The Wall Street Journal', among others. Provides 'geoms' for Tufte's box plot and range frame.


ggthemes 3.4.0

  • Add color palettes from canva.com: canva_palette, canva_pal(), scale_colour_canva().
  • Use NEWS.md instead of NEWS
  • Update Economist examples to put y-axis on the right side.

ggthemes 3.3.0

  • Update themes to changes in ggplot Thanks @juliasilge (#71)
  • tufte_boxplot uses position="dodge" by default. Thanks @jgellar (#68)
  • Bugfix: Fix errors in geom_rangeframe in new version of ggplot2. Thanks @coulmont (#70)

ggthemes 3.2.0

  • Bugfix: In function bank_slopes, remove methods ao, gor, and lor. These methods were not producing reliable results, and should not produce results much different thatn ms or as. If used, they will produce a warning, and ms will be used instead. (#68)

ggthemes 3.1.0

  • Add ptol_pal, scale_colour_ptol, and scale_file_ptol based on Paul Tol's qualitative color palettes. Thanks @jmlondon. (#65)

ggthemes 3.0.4

  • Fix panel.grid.major.y colors for theme_hc. Thanks @flying-sheep! (#64)

ggthemes 3.0.3

  • Bugfix: remove lintr tests that broke with new testthat.

ggthemes 3.0.2

  • Bugfix: export ggthemes_data

ggthemes 3.0.1

  • Bugfix: Remove border around legends in theme_gdocs. Thanks SandyMuspratt! Pull request #53.
  • Bugfix: Remove border around legends in theme_calc.
  • Bugfix: Add colour and fill values to theme_foundation. This restores its behavior to version 2.2.1. Fixes Issue #56.

ggthemes 3.0.0

  • For geom_tufteboxplot and GeomTufteboxplot. Option median.type supports only line and point options. Added option whisker.type which allows for whiskers to be specified by lines or points.
  • Changed default stat for geom_tufteboxplot to stat_fivenumber.
  • Added theme_base and theme_par
  • Removed scale_(x|y)_tufte. See issue #49
  • theme_foundation rewritten. Removed use_sizes argument.
  • Import rather than depend on ggplot2
  • Update geoms, scales, and themes to ggplot >= 2.0.0

ggthemes 2.2.1

ggthemes 2.2.0

  • Added theme_map from hrbrmstr

ggthemes 2.1.1

  • bugfix: use title case in package title; refer to ggplot2 in title
  • bugfix: fix non-escaped URLs in colorblind.R
  • bugfix: fix broken URL in few.R
  • bugfix: remove non-ascii characters in shapes.R
  • bugfix: use requireNamespace() instead of require()

ggthemes 2.1.0

  • New theme and scale based on Highcharts JS: scale_*_hc, theme_hc. Thanks jbkunst!

ggthemes 2.0.0

  • New options for geom_tufteboxplot. median.type takes values "point", "box", or "line". Option usebox is no longer supported, and equivalent to median.type="box". Thanks weitzner! Issue #13, PR #19.
  • All theme functions have base_size and base_family as first two arguments. This affects theme_economist_white, theme_excel, theme_pander, theme_solid, and theme_tufte. Thanks ptoche! Issue #25.
  • theme_pander: Options ff and fs are deprecated; use base_family and base_size options instead, respectively.

ggthemes 1.9.0

  • added vignette
  • added themes / scales based on factory defaults of pander package: pander_palette, scale_color_pander, scale_fill_pander, theme_pander. Thanks daroczig.
  • added additional fill and gradient color scales: scale_fill_fivethirtyeight, scale_colour_gradient_tableau, scale_fill_gradient_tableau, scale_fill_continuous_tableau, scale_colour_gradient2_tableau, scale_fill_gradient2_tableau. Thanks bowerth.

ggthemes 1.8.0

  • added themes and color scale from fivethirtyeight.com: theme_fivethirtyeight, fivethirtyeight_pal, scale_color_fivethirtyeight

ggthemes 1.7.0

  • added a new breaks algorithm: scales_extended_range_breaks, extended_range_breaks
  • added scales which implement the breaks algorithm: scale_x_tufte, scale_y_tufte
  • added new label format: smart_digits, smart_digits_format

ggthemes 1.6.1

  • fix bug in theme_wsj (issue #17)

ggthemes 1.6.0

  • added theme_solid

ggthemes 1.5.1

  • fix failures in R CMD check

ggthemes 1.5.0

  • added alternative Solarized theme: theme_solarized_2
  • theme_solarized: adjusted the colors
  • added LibreOffic Calc themes and palettes: theme_calc, calc_pal, scale_fill_calc, scale_colour_calc, cacl_shape_pal, scale_shape_calc
  • added Google Docs themes and palettes: theme_gdocs, gdocs_pal, scale_fill_gdocs, scale_colour_gdocs
  • fixed some examples

ggthemes 1.4.0

  • fix bug in default palettes of scale_colour_excel and scale_fill_excel.

ggthemes 1.3.4

  • added Tableau sequential colour palettes: tableau_seq_gradient_pal, scale_colour_gradient_tableau, scale_fill_gradient_tableau.
  • added Tableau diverging colour palettes: tableau_div_gradient_pal, scale_colour_gradient2_tableau, scale_fill_gradient2_tableau.
  • tableau_colour_pal: added palette "cyclical

ggthemes 1.3.3

  • fix issue #11: error with fonts and theme_wsj in Windows

ggthemes 1.3.1

  • bank_slopes returns y/x aspect ratio to be compatible with coord_fixed
  • improved documentation

ggthemes 1.3.0

  • renamed theme_excel2003 to theme_excel
  • replace scale_fill_excel2003 and scale_fill_excel10 with scale_fill_excel
  • replaced scale_colour_excel2003 and scale_colour_excel10 with scale_colour_excel
  • replaced excel2003_pal and excel10_pal with excel_pal
  • renamed theme_base to theme_foundation

ggthemes 1.2.0

  • added colorblind scales: colorblind_pal, scale_*_colorblind.

ggthemes 1.1.0

  • added Wall Street Journal themes, palettes, scales: theme_wsj, wsj_pal, scale_colour_wsj, and scale_fill_wsj.
  • added function bank_slopes : methods for determining the optimal slope ratio.
  • added theme-foundation: a theme designed to be easy to extend into new themes.

Reference manual

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4.0.1 by Jeffrey B. Arnold, 2 months ago


Report a bug at http://github.com/jrnold/ggthemes

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Authors: Jeffrey B. Arnold [aut, cre] , Gergely Daroczi [ctb] , Bo Werth [ctb] , Brian Weitzner [ctb] , Joshua Kunst [ctb] , Baptise Auguie [ctb] , Bob Rudis [ctb] , Hadley Wickham [ctb] (Code from the ggplot2 package.) , Justin Talbot [ctb] (Code from the labeling package) , Joshua London [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports ggplot2, graphics, grid, methods, purrr, scales, stringr, tibble

Suggests dplyr, covr, extrafont, glue, knitr, lattice, lintr, maps, mapproj, pander, rlang, rmarkdown, spelling, testthat, tidyr, vdiffr, withr

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