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sdcTable — by Bernhard Meindl, 3 months ago

Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data

Methods for statistical disclosure control in tabular data such as primary and secondary cell suppression as described for example in Hundepol et al. (2012) are covered in this package.

sparkTable — by Alexander Kowarik, 2 years ago

Sparklines and Graphical Tables for TeX and HTML

Create sparklines and graphical tables for documents and websites.

sdcMicroGUI — by Alexander Kowarik, 2 years ago

Graphical User Interface for Package sdcMicro

DEPRECATED: A new version of the graphical user interface is available directly in the package sdcMicro via function sdcApp(). A point and click graphical user interface based on top of the 'sdcMicro' package to create anonymized data set. The graphical user interface provides full reproducibility of any result via the script menu in the GUI.

sdcMicro — by Matthias Templ, 5 months ago

Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Microdata and Risk Estimation

Data from statistical agencies and other institutions are mostly confidential. This package can be used for the generation of anonymized (micro)data, i.e. for the creation of public- and scientific-use files. In addition, various risk estimation methods are included. Note that the package includes a graphical user interface that allows to use various methods of this package.

simPop — by Matthias Templ, 5 months ago

Simulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data Considering Auxiliary Information

Tools and methods to simulate populations for surveys based on auxiliary data. The tools include model-based methods, calibration and combinatorial optimization algorithms. The package was developed with support of the International Household Survey Network, DFID Trust Fund TF011722 and funds from the World bank.