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Matrix — by Martin Maechler, 2 months ago

Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods

A rich hierarchy of sparse and dense matrix classes, including general, symmetric, triangular, and diagonal matrices with numeric, logical, or pattern entries. Efficient methods for operating on such matrices, often wrapping the 'BLAS', 'LAPACK', and 'SuiteSparse' libraries.

cluster — by Martin Maechler, 6 months ago

"Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.

Methods for Cluster analysis. Much extended the original from Peter Rousseeuw, Anja Struyf and Mia Hubert, based on Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990) "Finding Groups in Data".

robustbase — by Martin Maechler, 5 months ago

Basic Robust Statistics

"Essential" Robust Statistics. Tools allowing to analyze data with robust methods. This includes regression methodology including model selections and multivariate statistics where we strive to cover the book "Robust Statistics, Theory and Methods" by 'Maronna, Martin and Yohai'; Wiley 2006.

expm — by Martin Maechler, 5 months ago

Matrix Exponential, Log, 'etc'

Computation of the matrix exponential, logarithm, sqrt, and related quantities, using traditional and modern methods.

copula — by Martin Maechler, 6 months ago

Multivariate Dependence with Copulas

Classes (S4) of commonly used elliptical, Archimedean, extreme-value and other copula families, as well as their rotations, mixtures and asymmetrizations. Nested Archimedean copulas, related tools and special functions. Methods for density, distribution, random number generation, bivariate dependence measures, Rosenblatt transform, Kendall distribution function, perspective and contour plots. Fitting of copula models with potentially partly fixed parameters, including standard errors. Serial independence tests, copula specification tests (independence, exchangeability, radial symmetry, extreme-value dependence, goodness-of-fit) and model selection based on cross-validation. Empirical copula, smoothed versions, and non-parametric estimators of the Pickands dependence function.

mvtnorm — by Torsten Hothorn, a month ago

Multivariate Normal and t Distributions

Computes multivariate normal and t probabilities, quantiles, random deviates, and densities. Log-likelihoods for multivariate Gaussian models and Gaussian copulae parameterised by Cholesky factors of covariance or precision matrices are implemented for interval-censored and exact data, or a mix thereof. Score functions for these log-likelihoods are available. A class representing multiple lower triangular matrices and corresponding methods are part of this package.

Rmpfr — by Martin Maechler, 5 months ago

R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable

Arithmetic (via S4 classes and methods) for arbitrary precision floating point numbers, including transcendental ("special") functions. To this end, the package interfaces to the 'LGPL' licensed 'MPFR' (Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable) Library which itself is based on the 'GMP' (GNU Multiple Precision) Library.

sfsmisc — by Martin Maechler, 2 months ago

Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich

Useful utilities ['goodies'] from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich, some of which were ported from S-plus in the 1990s. For graphics, have pretty (Log-scale) axes eaxis(), an enhanced Tukey-Anscombe plot, combining histogram and boxplot, 2d-residual plots, a 'tachoPlot()', pretty arrows, etc. For robustness, have a robust F test and robust range(). For system support, notably on Linux, provides 'Sys.*()' functions with more access to system and CPU information. Finally, miscellaneous utilities such as simple efficient prime numbers, integer codes, Duplicated(), toLatex.numeric() and is.whole().

scatterplot3d — by Uwe Ligges, a year ago

3D Scatter Plot

Plots a three dimensional (3D) point cloud.

bitops — by Martin Maechler, 3 years ago

Bitwise Operations

Functions for bitwise operations on integer vectors.