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spdep — by Roger Bivand, 2 months ago

Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics

A collection of functions to create spatial weights matrix objects from polygon 'contiguities', from point patterns by distance and tessellations, for summarizing these objects, and for permitting their use in spatial data analysis, including regional aggregation by minimum spanning tree; a collection of tests for spatial 'autocorrelation', including global 'Morans I' and 'Gearys C' proposed by 'Cliff' and 'Ord' (1973, ISBN: 0850860369) and (1981, ISBN: 0850860814), 'Hubert/Mantel' general cross product statistic, Empirical Bayes estimates and 'Assunção/Reis' (1999) Index, 'Getis/Ord' G ('Getis' and 'Ord' 1992) and multicoloured join count statistics, 'APLE' ('Li 'et al.' ) , local 'Moran's I', 'Gearys C' ('Anselin' 1995) and 'Getis/Ord' G ('Ord' and 'Getis' 1995) , 'saddlepoint' approximations ('Tiefelsdorf' 2002) and exact tests for global and local 'Moran's I' ('Bivand et al.' 2009) and 'LOSH' local indicators of spatial heteroscedasticity ('Ord' and 'Getis') . The implementation of most of these measures is described in 'Bivand' and 'Wong' (2018) , with further extensions in 'Bivand' (2022) . 'Lagrange' multiplier tests for spatial dependence in linear models are provided ('Anselin et al'. 1996) , as are 'Rao' score tests for hypothesised spatial 'Durbin' models based on linear models ('Koley' and 'Bera' 2023) . From 'spdep' and 'spatialreg' versions >= 1.2-1, the model fitting functions previously present in this package are defunct in 'spdep' and may be found in 'spatialreg'.

sp — by Edzer Pebesma, 3 months ago

Classes and Methods for Spatial Data

Classes and methods for spatial data; the classes document where the spatial location information resides, for 2D or 3D data. Utility functions are provided, e.g. for plotting data as maps, spatial selection, as well as methods for retrieving coordinates, for subsetting, print, summary, etc. From this version, 'rgdal', 'maptools', and 'rgeos' are no longer used at all, see < https://r-spatial.org/r/2023/05/15/evolution4.html> for details.

terra — by Robert J. Hijmans, 3 months ago

Spatial Data Analysis

Methods for spatial data analysis with vector (points, lines, polygons) and raster (grid) data. Methods for vector data include geometric operations such as intersect and buffer. Raster methods include local, focal, global, zonal and geometric operations. The predict and interpolate methods facilitate the use of regression type (interpolation, machine learning) models for spatial prediction, including with satellite remote sensing data. Processing of very large files is supported. See the manual and tutorials on < https://rspatial.org/> to get started. 'terra' replaces the 'raster' package ('terra' can do more, and it is faster and easier to use).

sf — by Edzer Pebesma, a month ago

Simple Features for R

Support for simple features, a standardized way to encode spatial vector data. Binds to 'GDAL' for reading and writing data, to 'GEOS' for geometrical operations, and to 'PROJ' for projection conversions and datum transformations. Uses by default the 's2' package for spherical geometry operations on ellipsoidal (long/lat) coordinates.

splancs — by Roger Bivand, 8 months ago

Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis

The Splancs package was written as an enhancement to S-Plus for display and analysis of spatial point pattern data; it has been ported to R and is in "maintenance mode".

classInt — by Roger Bivand, 8 months ago

Choose Univariate Class Intervals

Selected commonly used methods for choosing univariate class intervals for mapping or other graphics purposes.

interp — by Albrecht Gebhardt, 3 months ago

Interpolation Methods

Bivariate data interpolation on regular and irregular grids, either linear or using splines are the main part of this package. It is intended to provide FOSS replacement functions for the ACM licensed akima::interp and tripack::tri.mesh functions. Linear interpolation is implemented in interp::interp(..., method="linear"), this corresponds to the call akima::interp(..., linear=TRUE) which is the default setting and covers most of akima::interp use cases in depending packages. A re-implementation of Akimas irregular grid spline interpolation (akima::interp(..., linear=FALSE)) is now also available via interp::interp(..., method="akima"). Estimators for partial derivatives are now also available in interp::locpoly(), these are a prerequisite for the spline interpolation. The basic part is a GPLed triangulation algorithm (sweep hull algorithm by David Sinclair) providing the starting point for the irregular grid interpolator. As side effect this algorithm is also used to provide replacements for almost all functions of the tripack package which also suffers from the same ACM license restrictions. All functions are designed to be backward compatible with their akima / tripack counterparts.

spatialreg — by Roger Bivand, 2 months ago

Spatial Regression Analysis

A collection of all the estimation functions for spatial cross-sectional models (on lattice/areal data using spatial weights matrices) contained up to now in 'spdep'. These model fitting functions include maximum likelihood methods for cross-sectional models proposed by 'Cliff' and 'Ord' (1973, ISBN:0850860369) and (1981, ISBN:0850860814), fitting methods initially described by 'Ord' (1975) . The models are further described by 'Anselin' (1988) . Spatial two stage least squares and spatial general method of moment models initially proposed by 'Kelejian' and 'Prucha' (1998) and (1999) are provided. Impact methods and MCMC fitting methods proposed by 'LeSage' and 'Pace' (2009) are implemented for the family of cross-sectional spatial regression models. Methods for fitting the log determinant term in maximum likelihood and MCMC fitting are compared by 'Bivand et al.' (2013) , and model fitting methods by 'Bivand' and 'Piras' (2015) ; both of these articles include extensive lists of references. A recent review is provided by 'Bivand', 'Millo' and 'Piras' (2021) . 'spatialreg' >= 1.1-* corresponded to 'spdep' >= 1.1-1, in which the model fitting functions were deprecated and passed through to 'spatialreg', but masked those in 'spatialreg'. From versions 1.2-*, the functions have been made defunct in 'spdep'.

mapproj — by Alex Deckmyn, a year ago

Map Projections

Converts latitude/longitude into projected coordinates.

pixmap — by Friedrich Leisch, 3 years ago

Bitmap Images / Pixel Maps

Functions for import, export, plotting and other manipulations of bitmapped images.