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simplegraph — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

Simple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms

Simple classic graph algorithms for simple graph classes. Graphs may possess vertex and edge attributes. 'simplegraph' has so dependencies and it is written entirely in R, so it is easy to install.

SASxport — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

Read and Write 'SAS' 'XPORT' Files

Functions for reading, listing the contents of, and writing 'SAS' 'xport' format files. The functions support reading and writing of either individual data frames or sets of data frames. Further, a mechanism has been provided for customizing how variables of different data types are stored.

cyclocomp — by Gabor Csardi, 9 months ago

Cyclomatic Complexity of R Code

Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric (measurement), used to indicate the complexity of a program. It is a quantitative measure of the number of linearly independent paths through a program's source code. It was developed by Thomas J. McCabe, Sr. in 1976.

rcmdcheck — by Gabor Csardi, 8 months ago

Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results

Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' programmatically, and capture the results of the individual checks.

description — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

Manipulate DESCRIPTION Files

Tools to read, write, create, and manipulate DESCRIPTION files. It is intended for packages that create or manipulate other packages.

rcorpora — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

A Collection of Small Text Corpora of Interesting Data

A collection of small text corpora of interesting data. It contains all data sets from https://github.com/dariusk/corpora. Some examples: names of animals: birds, dinosaurs, dogs; foods: beer categories, pizza toppings; geography: English towns, rivers, oceans; humans: authors, US presidents, occupations; science: elements, planets; words: adjectives, verbs, proverbs, US president quotes.

tracer — by Gabor Csardi, 4 months ago

Slick Call Stacks

Better looking call stacks after an error.

franc — by Gabor Csardi, 2 years ago

Detect the Language of Text

With no external dependencies and support for 335 languages; all languages spoken by more than one million speakers. 'Franc' is a port of the 'JavaScript' project of the same name, see < https://github.com/wooorm/franc>.

rematch — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

Match Regular Expressions with a Nicer 'API'

A small wrapper on 'regexpr' to extract the matches and captured groups from the match of a regular expression to a character vector.

sankey — by Gabor Csardi, a year ago

Sankey Diagrams

Sankey plots illustrate the flow of information or material.