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aroma.cn — by Henrik Bengtsson, 3 years ago

Copy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets

Methods for analyzing DNA copy-number data. Specifically, this package implements the multi-source copy-number normalization (MSCN) method for normalizing copy-number data obtained on various platforms and technologies. It also implements the TumorBoost method for normalizing paired tumor-normal SNP data.

profmem — by Henrik Bengtsson, 9 months ago

Simple Memory Profiling for R

A simple and light-weight API for memory profiling of R expressions. The profiling is built on top of R's built-in memory profiler ('utils::Rprofmem()'), which records every memory allocation done by R (also native code).

BatchJobs — by Bernd Bischl, a year ago

Batch Computing with R

Provides Map, Reduce and Filter variants to generate jobs on batch computing systems like PBS/Torque, LSF, SLURM and Sun Grid Engine. Multicore and SSH systems are also supported. For further details see the project web page.

princurve — by Robrecht Cannoodt, 15 days ago

Fits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension

Fitting a principal curve to a data matrix in arbitrary dimensions.

googleComputeEngineR — by Mark Edmondson, a year ago

R Interface with Google Compute Engine

Interact with the 'Google Compute Engine' API in R. Lets you create, start and stop instances in the 'Google Cloud'. Support for preconfigured instances, with templates for common R needs.

RPushbullet — by Dirk Eddelbuettel, 2 years ago

R Interface to the Pushbullet Messaging Service

An R interface to the Pushbullet messaging service which provides fast and efficient notifications (and file transfer) between computers, phones and tablets. An account has to be registered at the site http://www.pushbullet.com site to obtain a (free) API key.

sudoku — by David Brahm, 4 years ago

Sudoku Puzzle Generator and Solver

Generates, plays, and solves Sudoku puzzles. The GUI playSudoku() needs package "tkrplot" if you are not on Windows.

MPAgenomics — by Samuel Blanck, 4 years ago

Multi-Patient Analysis of Genomic Markers

Preprocess and analysis of genomic data. MPAgenomics provides wrappers from commonly used packages to streamline their repeated manipulation, offering an easy-to-use pipeline. The segmentation of successive multiple profiles is performed with an automatic choice of parameters involved in the wrapped packages. Considering multiple profiles in the same time, MPAgenomics wraps efficient penalized regression methods to select relevant markers associated with a given outcome.

RJaCGH — by Oscar Rueda, 3 years ago

Reversible Jump MCMC for the Analysis of CGH Arrays

Bayesian analysis of CGH microarrays fitting Hidden Markov Chain models. The selection of the number of states is made via their posterior probability computed by Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. Also returns probabilistic common regions for gains/losses.

BrailleR — by A. Jonathan R. Godfrey, 2 months ago

Improved Access for Blind Users

Blind users do not have access to the graphical output from R without printing the content of graphics windows to an embosser of some kind. This is not as immediate as is required for efficient access to statistical output. The functions here are created so that blind people can make even better use of R. This includes the text descriptions of graphs, convenience functions to replace the functionality offered in many GUI front ends, and experimental functionality for optimising graphical content to prepare it for embossing as tactile images.