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PBImisc — by Przemyslaw Biecek, 3 years ago

A Set of Datasets Used in My Classes or in the Book 'Modele Liniowe i Mieszane w R, Wraz z Przykladami w Analizie Danych'

A set of datasets and functions used in the book 'Modele liniowe i mieszane w R, wraz z przykladami w analizie danych'. Datasets either come from real studies or are created to be as similar as possible to real studies.

Przewodnik — by Przemyslaw Biecek, 2 years ago

Datasets and Functions Used in the Book 'Przewodnik po Pakiecie R'

Data sets and functions used in the polish book "Przewodnik po pakiecie R" (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the R). See more at < http://biecek.pl/R>. Among others you will find here data about housing prices, cancer patients, running times and many others.

ddst — by Przemyslaw Biecek, 3 years ago

Data Driven Smooth Tests

Smooth testing of goodness of fit. These tests are data driven (alternative hypothesis is dynamically selected based on data). In this package you will find various tests for exponent, Gaussian, Gumbel and uniform distribution.

live — by Mateusz Staniak, a month ago

Local Interpretable (Model-Agnostic) Visual Explanations

Interpretability of complex machine learning models is a growing concern. This package helps to understand key factors that drive the decision made by complicated predictive model (so called black box model). This is achieved through local approximations that are either based on additive regression like model or CART like model that allows for higher interactions. The methodology is based on Tulio Ribeiro, Singh, Guestrin (2016) . More details can be found in Staniak, Biecek (2018) .

randomForestExplainer — by Aleksandra Paluszynska, a year ago

Explaining and Visualizing Random Forests in Terms of Variable Importance

A set of tools to help explain which variables are most important in a random forests. Various variable importance measures are calculated and visualized in different settings in order to get an idea on how their importance changes depending on our criteria (Hemant Ishwaran and Udaya B. Kogalur and Eiran Z. Gorodeski and Andy J. Minn and Michael S. Lauer (2010) , Leo Breiman (2001) ).

cr17 — by Magda MĹ‚ynarczyk, a year ago

Testing Differences Between Competing Risks Models and Their Visualisations

Tool for analyzing competing risks models. The main point of interest is testing differences between groups (as described in R.J Gray (1988) and J.P. Fine, R.J Gray (1999) ) and visualizations of survival and cumulative incidence curves.

archivist.github — by Marcin Kosinski, 4 months ago

Tools for Archiving, Managing and Sharing R Objects via GitHub

The extension of the 'archivist' package integrating the archivist with GitHub via GitHub API, 'git2r' packages and 'httr' package.

coxphSGD — by Marcin Kosinski, a year ago

Stochastic Gradient Descent log-Likelihood Estimation in Cox Proportional Hazards Model

Estimate coefficients of Cox proportional hazards model using stochastic gradient descent algorithm for batch data.

auditor — by Alicja Gosiewska, 3 months ago

Model Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis

Provides an easy to use unified interface for creating validation plots for any model. The 'auditor' helps to avoid repetitive work consisting of writing code needed to create residual plots. This visualizations allow to asses and compare the goodness of fit, performance, and similarity of models.

intsvy — by Daniel Caro, 2 months ago

International Assessment Data Manager

Provides tools for importing, merging, and analysing data from international assessment studies (TIMSS, PIRLS, PISA, ICILS, and PIAAC).