Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays

An extension of Trellis Display that enables creation, organization, and interactive viewing of multi-panel displays created against potentially very large data sets. The dynamic viewer tiles panels of a display across the screen in a web browser and allows the user to interactively page through the panels and sort and filter them based on "cognostic" metrics computed for each panel. Panels can be created using many of R's plotting capabilities, including base R graphics, 'lattice', 'ggplot2', and many 'htmlwidgets'. Conditioning is handled through the 'datadr' package, which enables 'Trelliscope' displays with potentially millions of panels to be created against terabytes of data on systems like 'Hadoop'. While designed to scale, 'Trelliscope' displays can also be very useful for small data sets.

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Trelliscope is an R package to be used in conjunction with datadr and RHIPE to provide a framework for detailed visualization of large complex data.


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To get started, see the package documentation and function reference located here.


This software is currently under the BSD license.


Trelliscope development is sponsored by the DARPA XDATA program.


Version 0.9

  • Fix bug that appeared with newer version of Shiny (0.9.8)
  • Update all references to point to DeltaRho (0.9.7)
  • vdbConvert method to convert vdb to be compatible with TrelliscopeJS (0.9.7)
  • Add thumbIndex to makeDisplay (0.9.7)
  • Fix png and jpeg imports (0.9.7)
  • reveal long cog values in tabel and label views and put max width on table cog labels (0.9.6)
  • preserve nrow and ncol in state layout hash (0.9.6)
  • add option to view() to not copy viewer files (0.9.6)
  • fix bug with htmlwidget related displays not showing (0.9.6)
  • add 'base64png' panel function type (0.9.6)
  • fix state spec in qtrellis() (0.9.5)
  • don't run scagnostics example since it uses a suggested package (0.9.5)
  • add favicon.ico (0.9.4)
  • update Trelliscope logo and styling in viewer (0.9.4)
  • change webSync() argument appDir to serverDir (0.9.4)
  • change dependency on shinyapps package to rsconnect (0.9.4)
  • major updates to documentation, including many more examples (0.9.4)
  • add curVdbPath() convenience function (0.9.4)
  • add cleanupDisplays(), restoreDisplay() display handling functions (0.9.4)
  • add cogSlope() cognostics function (0.9.4)
  • use vdbConn from options to get thumbnail in viewer (0.9.4)
  • add support for iframe embedding for generic htmlwidget panel functions (0.9.4)
  • fix handling of state to include display and not be checked in cogDisplayHref() - significantly improves display creation time when using cogDisplayHref() (0.9.4)
  • fix bug with viewer keycodes not being always honored always (0.9.4)
  • fix bug in panel labels not being selectable when loaded twice (0.9.4)
  • update png resolution logic to have better defaults for ggplot and lattice (0.9.4)
  • fix bug in viewer when dealing with an NULL plot object sent from R (0.9.4)
  • remove airplane data (0.9.4)
  • update screen size constraints and widen scrollbars (0.9.4)
  • use full path in server.R for loading other files - may help when embedding the viewer n rmarkdown documents / presentations (0.9.4)
  • update js to conform with jslint (0.9.4)
  • add blank thumbnail (0.9.4)
  • fix dir.exists() issue (0.9.3)
  • fix potential bug in panel rendering with htmlwidgets (0.9.3)
  • fix issue with copying htmlwidget stylesheet assets (0.9.3)
  • fix potential issue with small thumbnail not getting created (0.9.3)
  • update view() port specification to use whatever shiny assigns if NULL (0.9.2)
  • update view() logic for specifying view state (0.9.1)
  • add option to vdbConn to not copy files (0.9.1)
  • fix issue with default layout state being reflected in viewer (0.9.1)
  • add support for VDB-wide global data and source code storage (0.9.0)
  • fix issue with multiple column sort in Trelliscope viewer (0.9.0)
  • fix documentation and make imported function usage more obvious (0.9.0)

Version 0.8.3


  • make viewer app files part of app from beginning
  • remove 'notebook' directory requirements
  • update directory copying to be more cross platform friendly
  • update file operations for compatibility
  • increase htmlwidget thumbnail timeout
  • add feature to tar up data files and untar after deploy
  • show blank div if no related display
  • add timeout to widgetThumbnail
  • make namespace explicit for dplyr calls
  • for htmlwidget panels, allow option to scale with "zoom" css instead of trying to resize
  • add ability to make thumbnails for htmlwidgets
  • remove rCharts and ggvis functionality in favor of clean support for htmlwidgets
  • small tweaks to serialization, etc. for shiny 0.12 compatibility
  • viewer: remove qunit testing in anticipation of moving to something like rdom
  • viewer: fill in blank panels with empty image
  • viewer: add "display info" panel
  • viewer: add sessionInfo() to "about" modal
  • viewer: add intro to "about" modal
  • viewer: remove unused / not yet complete UI elements
  • viewer: add UI visual cues for modals
  • fix so specific quantiles are used instead of all data for univariate quantile plots when number of points is too large
  • viewer: reduce panel label font size as number of rows increases
  • viewer: add subtle hotkey underline hints to sidebar nav
  • viewer: use dplyr for faster cognostics table sort operations (becomes useful when number of panels is in hundreds of thousands)
  • add mdDesc argument to makeDisplay() to provide a more in-depth description of the display
  • add some webshot / phantomjs scripts for screenshots
  • add log attribute to cogInfo which will cause the log of the variable to be taken when used in univariate and bivariate filters
  • update to be compatible with datadr kvApply() changes
  • remove notebook functions (to be replaced by rmarkdown embedding functions)
  • add RHIPE tests
  • update formatting
  • update handling of global variables
  • add experimental qtrellis() function for quick generation of trelliscope displays


  • fix widgetThumbnail to create empty thumbnail if phantomjs isn't installed
  • fix file copying and backing up
  • fix environment handling with relatedData functions
  • fix typo in qtrellis
  • fix problem with loading RHIPE on viewer server
  • fix problem with filter due to js error
  • fix bug in adding default state in makeDisplay()

Version 0.8.1


  • add initial support for htmlwidgets as panel functions!
  • improve documentation of the cogFn argument of makeDisplay()
  • improve error handling in cog2df() when cogFn does not return an object coerceable to a 1-row data frame
  • improve various aspects of the documentation of makeDisplay()
  • add validation for name and group arguments in makeDisplay() and addDisplay()
  • add ability to include spaces in name and group arguments in makeDisplay() and addDisplay()
  • add overall package documentation. See help(trelliscope)
  • remove strict dependency on scagnostics package
  • add better error handling / messaging dealing with viewing, adding, and removing displays
  • add CDN override for rCharts js libraries to allow rCharts to show up properly on
  • add manual specification of key signature so similar divisions can be treated as related displays in the viewer


  • fix bug when a cognostic isn't wrapped with cog()
  • fix bug with functions environments when running on Hadoop
  • fix trelliscope viewer to use relatedData for panelFn in its own environment
  • fix makeDisplay() to correctly launch trelliscope views on Windows
  • fix vdbConn() to properly retrieve VDB name from previous connection
  • fix makePNG() to deal with "Date" class axis limits for lattice
  • fix addDispay() to output the proper type of displayObject
  • fix bugs in viewer dealing with panel labels and panel dimensions
  • fix makeDisplay() so that temporary vdb folder is removed when no longer needed
  • fix 'checkDisplayPath()` so that backup vdb files are copied properly on Windows
  • fix bug that caused viewer functions to show up in global environment

Version 0.8.0


  • add state specification - specify default state through makeDisplay(), viewing state when calling view(), or through specifying a URL hash in viewer
  • add cogDisplayHref() function for creating cognostic links to other displays


  • fix cog sort/filter table column visibility dependence on active cogs
  • fix hiding related display layout when other control panels are clicked
  • fix column highlighting in cog table sort/filter when loading from state
  • fix footer histograms when bin start/end values are not integers
  • fix view() not working with name specified only (no state)
  • fix issue with zero values in filter being ignore when restoring state
  • fix issue with cognostics having too many levels for select drop-downs
  • fix a few bugs in deployToShinyApps()
  • fix bug in label, sort, filter state not resetting on display change
  • fix bug in marginal distribution checking for viewer cog table

Version 0.7.9


  • add experimental support for rCharts panels
  • add experimental support for deploying to
  • add experimental support for rendering vega specs as panels (currently through ggvis, in the future through more general means)
  • don't allow selectpickers in cog table when there are too many levels (slows things way down)
  • when in related display mode, update dimensions when adding panel labels
  • when in related display mode, disable panel layout with a note
  • when there is no selectpicker, only send regex back to R
  • use datadr's new getGlobals() method for panel and cognostic functions
  • remove custom runApp() function to deal with passing parameters to trelliscope viewer - will handle this through R options in the future
  • enable webSync() to sync to the same machine without need for ssh by setting ip to NULL (default) when calling webConn()
  • remove MongoDB cognostics connection code for now - it was not up to date and it is uncertain whether it will be able to do everything required of it
  • remove elnino data to reduce package size - will put that in separate package
  • if using in-memory ddo, but it is very large, convert it to local disk connection in makeDisplay to help memory management when viewing
  • add conditional / marginal (renamed to "filtered" / "all") in visual filters so that current filter state can be reflected in the visual filter plot (previously was just "all")


  • load packages and related data objects for related displays
  • fix opening new display when current state is showing related displays
  • fix path in webSync for changing app permissions on server

Version 0.7.8


  • add "group" argument to cognostics to help organization in the case of many cognostics
  • add "href" cognostic type (wraps string in href tag, useful for panel labels)
  • add custom viewer support for dev mode, settable through TRELLISCOPE_DEV_APP_PREFIX environment variable
  • add logging to R console, settable with TRELLISCOPE_LOGGING environment variable
  • add accessible web browser javascript log to viewer, available in info modal
  • add active cogs panel - if there are many cognostics, you can downselect to the ones you want to be active
  • add keyboard shortcuts for opening control panels
  • for performance reasons, now categorical cognostics with too many unique values will not have a selectpicker in the cognostics table
  • experimental support for "related displays" - view multiple displays made against the same division simultaneously and control the layout
  • added support
  • added infrastructure to do javascript unit tests
  • addition of some simple R and javascript unit tests


  • fix bug with quantile computation with NAs
  • fix width of open display modal
  • fix arrow key shortcuts to only operate when appropriate
  • fix thumbnail generation to yield small files to speed up viewer startup
  • fix robustness issues with page input in viewer

Reference manual

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0.9.8 by Ryan Hafen, 9 months ago

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Authors: Ryan Hafen [aut, cre], Jeremiah Rounds [ctb], Barret Schloerke [ctb], Landon Sego [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE license

Imports lattice, ggplot2, data.table, base64enc, shiny, htmlwidgets, digest, jsonlite, hexbin, png, jpeg, DistributionUtils, htmltools, curl, rsconnect

Depends on datadr

Suggests Cairo, dplyr, testthat, roxygen2, scagnostics, housingData

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