Examples: visualization, C++, networks, data cleaning, html widgets, ropensci.

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cellranger — by Jennifer Bryan, 2 years ago

Translate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns

Helper functions to work with spreadsheets and the "A1:D10" style of cell range specification.

googledrive — by Jennifer Bryan, a year ago

An Interface to Google Drive

Manage Google Drive files from R.

repurrrsive — by Jennifer Bryan, a year ago

Examples of Recursive Lists and Nested or Split Data Frames

Recursive lists in the form of R objects, 'JSON', and 'XML', for use in teaching and examples. Examples include color palettes, Game of Thrones characters, 'GitHub' users and repositories, and entities from the Star Wars universe. Data from the 'gapminder' package is also included, as a simple data frame and in nested and split forms.

readxl — by Jennifer Bryan, 5 months ago

Read Excel Files

Import excel files into R. Supports '.xls' via the embedded 'libxls' C library < https://github.com/evanmiller/libxls> and '.xlsx' via the embedded 'RapidXML' C++ library < https://rapidxml.sourceforge.net>. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux without external dependencies.

googlesheets — by Jennifer Bryan, 3 months ago

Manage Google Spreadsheets from R

Interact with Google Sheets from R.

gapminder — by Jennifer Bryan, a year ago

Data from Gapminder

An excerpt of the data available at Gapminder.org. For each of 142 countries, the package provides values for life expectancy, GDP per capita, and population, every five years, from 1952 to 2007.

reprex — by Jennifer Bryan, 9 days ago

Prepare Reproducible Example Code via the Clipboard

Convenience wrapper that uses the 'rmarkdown' package to render small snippets of code to target formats that include both code and output. The goal is to encourage the sharing of small, reproducible, and runnable examples on code-oriented websites, such as < https://stackoverflow.com> and < https://github.com>, or in email. The user's clipboard is the default source of input code and the default target for rendered output. 'reprex' also extracts clean, runnable R code from various common formats, such as copy/paste from an R session.

gh — by Gábor Csárdi, a year ago

'GitHub' 'API'

Minimal client to access the 'GitHub' 'API'.

searchConsoleR — by Mark Edmondson, 9 months ago

Google Search Console R Client

Provides an interface with the Google Search Console, formally called Google Webmaster Tools.

clipr — by Matthew Lincoln, 3 months ago

Read and Write from the System Clipboard

Simple utility functions to read from and write to the Windows, OS X, and X11 clipboards.