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MNP — by Kosuke Imai, 2 years ago

R Package for Fitting the Multinomial Probit Model

Fits the Bayesian multinomial probit model via Markov chain Monte Carlo. The multinomial probit model is often used to analyze the discrete choices made by individuals recorded in survey data. Examples where the multinomial probit model may be useful include the analysis of product choice by consumers in market research and the analysis of candidate or party choice by voters in electoral studies. The MNP package can also fit the model with different choice sets for each individual, and complete or partial individual choice orderings of the available alternatives from the choice set. The estimation is based on the efficient marginal data augmentation algorithm that is developed by Imai and van Dyk (2005). ``A Bayesian Analysis of the Multinomial Probit Model Using the Data Augmentation,'' Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 124, No. 2 (February), pp. 311-334. Detailed examples are given in Imai and van Dyk (2005). ``MNP: R Package for Fitting the Multinomial Probit Model.'' Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 14, No. 3 (May), pp. 1-32. .

searchConsoleR — by Mark Edmondson, a year ago

Google Search Console R Client

Provides an interface with the Google Search Console, formally called Google Webmaster Tools.

geodist — by Mark Padgham, 2 days ago

Fast, Dependency-Free Geodesic Distance Calculations

Dependency-free, ultra fast calculation of geodesic distances. Includes the reference nanometre-accuracy geodesic distances of Karney (2013) , as used by the 'sf' package, as well as Haversine and Vincenty distances. Default distance measure is the "Mapbox cheap ruler" which is generally more accurate than Haversine or Vincenty for distances out to a few hundred kilometres, and is considerably faster. The main function accepts one or two inputs in almost any generic rectangular form, and returns either matrices of pairwise distances, or vectors of sequential distances.

rmdHelpers — by Mark Peterson, 3 years ago

Helper Functions for Rmd Documents

A series of functions to aid in repeated tasks for Rmd documents. All details are to my personal preference, though I am happy to add flexibility if there are use cases I am missing. I will continue updating with new functions as I add utility functions for myself.

condvis — by Mark O'Connell, 7 months ago

Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models

Exploring fitted models by interactively taking 2-D and 3-D sections in data space.

tensorA — by K. Gerald van den Boogaart, 9 months ago

Advanced Tensor Arithmetic with Named Indices

Provides convenience functions for advanced linear algebra with tensors and computation with datasets of tensors on a higher level abstraction. It includes Einstein and Riemann summing conventions, dragging, co- and contravariate indices, parallel computations on sequences of tensors.

logbin — by Mark W. Donoghoe, 8 months ago

Relative Risk Regression Using the Log-Binomial Model

Methods for fitting log-link GLMs and GAMs to binomial data, including EM-type algorithms with more stable convergence properties than standard methods.

QCEWAS — by Peter J. van der Most, 3 months ago

Fast and Easy Quality Control of EWAS Results Files

Tools for (automated and manual) quality control of the results of Epigenome-Wide Association Studies.

aroma.core — by Henrik Bengtsson, a year ago

Core Methods and Classes Used by 'aroma.*' Packages Part of the Aroma Framework

Core methods and classes used by higher-level 'aroma.*' packages part of the Aroma Project, e.g. 'aroma.affymetrix' and 'aroma.cn'.

gsmoothr — by Mark Robinson, 5 years ago

Smoothing tools

Tools rewritten in C for various smoothing tasks