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mokken — by L. Andries van der Ark, a year ago

Conducts Mokken Scale Analysis

Contains functions for performing Mokken scale analysis on test and questionnaire data (e.g., Sijtsma and Van der Ark, 2017, ). It includes an automated item selection algorithm, and various checks of model assumptions.

googleCloudStorageR — by Mark Edmondson, a month ago

Interface with Google Cloud Storage API

Interact with Google Cloud Storage < https://cloud.google.com/storage/> API in R. Part of the 'cloudyr' < https://cloudyr.github.io/> project.

mvnfast — by Matteo Fasiolo, 2 years ago

Fast Multivariate Normal and Student's t Methods

Provides computationally efficient tools related to the multivariate normal and Student's t distributions. The main functionalities are: simulating multivariate random vectors, evaluating multivariate normal or Student's t densities and Mahalanobis distances. These tools are very efficient thanks to the use of C++ code and of the OpenMP API.

foreign — by R Core Team, 21 days ago

Read Data Stored by 'Minitab', 'S', 'SAS', 'SPSS', 'Stata', 'Systat', 'Weka', 'dBase', ...

Reading and writing data stored by some versions of 'Epi Info', 'Minitab', 'S', 'SAS', 'SPSS', 'Stata', 'Systat', 'Weka', and for reading and writing some 'dBase' files.

shiny — by Winston Chang, 4 months ago

Web Application Framework for R

Makes it incredibly easy to build interactive web applications with R. Automatic "reactive" binding between inputs and outputs and extensive prebuilt widgets make it possible to build beautiful, responsive, and powerful applications with minimal effort.

ada — by Mark Culp, 3 years ago

The R Package Ada for Stochastic Boosting

Performs discrete, real, and gentle boost under both exponential and logistic loss on a given data set. The package ada provides a straightforward, well-documented, and broad boosting routine for classification, ideally suited for small to moderate-sized data sets.

ffbase — by Edwin de Jonge, 10 months ago

Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'

Extends the out of memory vectors of 'ff' with statistical functions and other utilities to ease their usage.

crtests — by Sjoerd van der Spoel, 3 years ago

Classification and Regression Tests

Provides wrapper functions for running classification and regression tests using different machine learning techniques, such as Random Forests and decision trees. The package provides standardized methods for preparing data to suit the algorithm's needs, training a model, making predictions, and evaluating results. Also, some functions are provided to run multiple instances of a test.

phylopath — by Wouter van der Bijl, a month ago

Perform Phylogenetic Path Analysis

A comprehensive and easy to use R implementation of confirmatory phylogenetic path analysis as described by Von Hardenberg and Gonzalez-Voyer (2012) .

epiR — by Mark Stevenson, 3 months ago

Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data

Tools for the analysis of epidemiological data. Contains functions for directly and indirectly adjusting measures of disease frequency, quantifying measures of association on the basis of single or multiple strata of count data presented in a contingency table, and computing confidence intervals around incidence risk and incidence rate estimates. Miscellaneous functions for use in meta-analysis, diagnostic test interpretation, and sample size calculations.