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VIM — by Matthias Templ, a month ago

Visualization and Imputation of Missing Values

New tools for the visualization of missing and/or imputed values are introduced, which can be used for exploring the data and the structure of the missing and/or imputed values. Depending on this structure of the missing values, the corresponding methods may help to identify the mechanism generating the missing values and allows to explore the data including missing values. In addition, the quality of imputation can be visually explored using various univariate, bivariate, multiple and multivariate plot methods. A graphical user interface available in the separate package VIMGUI allows an easy handling of the implemented plot methods.

laeken — by Andreas Alfons, a year ago

Estimation of Indicators on Social Exclusion and Poverty

Estimation of indicators on social exclusion and poverty, as well as Pareto tail modeling for empirical income distributions.

distrEx — by Matthias Kohl, 3 years ago

Extensions of Package 'distr'

Extends package 'distr' by functionals, distances, and conditional distributions.

cluster — by Martin Maechler, a month ago

"Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.

Methods for Cluster analysis. Much extended the original from Peter Rousseeuw, Anja Struyf and Mia Hubert, based on Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990) "Finding Groups in Data".

RandVar — by Matthias Kohl, 3 years ago

Implementation of Random Variables

Implements random variables by means of S4 classes and methods.

pROC — by Xavier Robin, a year ago

Display and Analyze ROC Curves

Tools for visualizing, smoothing and comparing receiver operating characteristic (ROC curves). (Partial) area under the curve (AUC) can be compared with statistical tests based on U-statistics or bootstrap. Confidence intervals can be computed for (p)AUC or ROC curves.

RUnit — by Roman Zenka, 4 years ago

R Unit Test Framework

R functions implementing a standard Unit Testing framework, with additional code inspection and report generation tools.

simPop — by Matthias Templ, 2 years ago

Simulation of Complex Synthetic Data Information

Tools and methods to simulate populations for surveys based on auxiliary data. The tools include model-based methods, calibration and combinatorial optimization algorithms, see Templ, Kowarik and Meindl (2017) ) and Templ (2017) . The package was developed with support of the International Household Survey Network, DFID Trust Fund TF011722 and funds from the World bank.

WeightedCluster — by Matthias Studer, a year ago

Clustering of Weighted Data

Clusters state sequences and weighted data. It provides an optimized weighted PAM algorithm as well as functions for aggregating replicated cases, computing cluster quality measures for a range of clustering solutions and plotting (fuzzy) clusters of state sequences. Parametric bootstraps methods to validate typology of sequences are also provided.

sdcMicro — by Matthias Templ, 2 months ago

Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Anonymization of Data and Risk Estimation

Data from statistical agencies and other institutions are mostly confidential. This package (see also Templ, Kowarik and Meindl (2017) ) can be used for the generation of anonymized (micro)data, i.e. for the creation of public- and scientific-use files. The theoretical basis for the methods implemented can be found in Templ (2017) . Various risk estimation and anonymisation methods are included. Note that the package includes a graphical user interface (Meindl and Templ, 2019 ) that allows to use various methods of this package.