Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)

High-performing functions operating on rows and columns of matrices, e.g. col / rowMedians(), col / rowRanks(), and col / rowSds(). Functions optimized per data type and for subsetted calculations such that both memory usage and processing time is minimized. There are also optimized vector-based methods, e.g. binMeans(), madDiff() and weightedMedian().


Package: matrixStats

Version: 0.51.0 [2016-10-08] o SPEEDUP / CLEANUP: rowMedians() and colMedians() are now plain functions. They were previously S4 methods (due to a Bioconductor legacy). The package no longer imports the methods package. o SPEEDUP: Now native API is formally registered allowing for faster lookup of routines from R.

Version: 0.50.2 [2016-04-24] o BUG FIX: logSumExp(c(-Inf, -Inf, ...)) would return NaN rather than -Inf (Issue #48). Thanks to Jason Xu (University of Washington) for reporting and Brennan Vincent for troubleshooting and contributing a fix. o Package now installs on R (>= 2.12.0) as claimed. Thanks to Mikko Korpela at Aalto University School of Science, Finland, for troubleshooting and providing a fix.

Version: 0.50.1 [2015-12-14] o BUG FIX: The Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (UBsan) reported on a memcall(src, dest, 0) call where dest == null. Thanks to Brian Ripley and the CRAN check tools for catching this. We could reproduce this with gcc 5.1.1 but not with gcc 4.9.2.

Version: 0.50.0 [2015-12-13] o MAJOR FEATURE UPDATE: Subsetting arguments 'idxs', 'rows' and 'cols' were added to all functions such that the calculations are performed on the requested subset while avoiding creating a subsetted copy, i.e. rowVars(x, cols=4:6) is a much faster and more memory efficient version than rowVars(x[,4:6]) and even yet more efficient than apply(x, MARGIN=1L, FUN=var). These features were added by Dongcan Jiang, Peking University, with support from the Google Summer of Code program. A great thank you to Dongcan and to Google for making this possible.

Version: 0.15.0 [2015-10-26] o CONSISTENCY: Now all weight arguments ('w' and 'W') default to NULL, which corresponds to uniform weights. o ROBUSTNESS: Importing 'stats' functions in namespace. o CLEANUP: Defunct argument 'centers' for col-/rowMads(); use 'center'. o BUG FIX: weightedVar(x, w) used the wrong bias correction factor resulting in an estimate that was tau too large, where tau = ((sum(w) - 1) / sum(w)) / ((length(w) - 1) / length(w)). Thanks to Wolfgang Abele for reporting and troubleshooting on this. o BUG FIX: weightedVar(x) with length(x) = 1 returned 0 no NA. Same for weightedSd(). o BUG FIX: weightedMedian(x, w=NA_real_) returned 'x' rather than NA_real_. This only happened for length(w) = 1. o BUG FIX: allocArray(dim) failed for prod(dim) >= .Machine$integer.max.

Version: 0.14.2 [2015-06-23] o BUG FIX: x_OP_y() and t_tx_OP_y() would return garbage on Solaris SPARC (and possibly other architectures as well) when input was integer and had missing values.

Version: 0.14.1 [2015-06-17] o BUG FIX: product(x, na.rm=FALSE) for integer 'x' with both zeros and NAs returned zero rather than NA. o BUG FIX: weightedMean(x, w, na.rm=TRUE) did not handle missing values in 'x' properly, if it was an integer. It would also return NaN if there were weights 'w' with missing values, whereas stats::weighted.mean() would skip such data points. Now weightedMean() does the same. o BUG FIX: (col|row)WeightedMedians() did not handle infinite weights as weightedMedian() does. o BUG FIX: x_OP_y(x, y, OP, na.rm=FALSE) returned garbage iff 'x' or 'y' had missing values of type integer. o BUG FIX: rowQuantiles() and rowIQRs() did not work for single-row matrices. Analogously for the corresponding column functions. o BUG FIX: rowCumsums(), rowCumprods() rowCummins(), and rowCummaxs(), accessed out-of-bound elements for Nx0 matrices where N > 0. The corresponding column methods has similar memory errors for 0xK matrices where K > 0. o BUG FIX: anyMissing(list(NULL)) returned NULL; now FALSE. o BUG FIX: rowCounts() resulted in garbage if a previous column had NAs (because forgot to update index kk in such cases). o BUG FIX: rowCumprods(x) handled missing values and zeros incorrectly for integer 'x (not double); a zero would trump an existing missing value causing the following cumulative products to become zero. It was only a zero that trumped NAs; any other integer would work as expected. Also, this bug was not in colCumprods(). o BUG FIX: rowAnys(x, value, na.rm=FALSE) did not handle missing values in a numeric 'x' properly. Similarly, for non-numeric and non-logical 'x', row- and colAnys(), row- and colAlls(), anyValue() and allValue() did not handle when 'value' was a missing value. o All of the above bugs were identified and fixed by Dongcan Jiang (Peking University, China), who also added corresponding unit tests.

Version: 0.14.0 [2015-02-13] o ROBUSTNESS/TESTS: Package tests cover 96% of the code (was 91%). o CONSISTENCY: Renamed argument 'centers' of col- and rowMads() to 'center'. This is consistent with col- and rowVars(). o CONSISTENCY: col- and rowVars() now using na.rm=FALSE as the default (na.rm=TRUE was mistakenly introduced as the default in v0.9.7). o SPEEDUP: The check for user interrupts at the C level is now done less frequently of the functions. It does every k:th iteration, where k = 2^20, which is tested for using (iter % k == 0). It turns out, at least with the default compiler optimization settings that I use, that this test is 3 times faster if k = 2^n where n is an integer. The following functions checks for user interrupts: logSumExp(), (col|row)LogSumExps(), (col|row)Medians(),, (col|row)Mads(), (col|row)Vars(), and (col|row)Cum(Min|Max|prod|sum)s(). o SPEEDUP: logSumExp(x) is now faster if 'x' does not contain any missing values. It is also faster if all values are missing or the maximum value is +Inf - in both cases it can skip the actual summation step. o BUG FIX: all() and any() flavored methods on non-numeric and non-logical (e.g. character) vectors and matrices with na.rm=FALSE did not give results consistent with all() and any() if there were missing values. For example, with x <- c("a", NA, "b") we have all(x == "a") == FALSE and any(x == "a") == TRUE whereas our corresponding methods would return NA in those cases. The methods fixed are allValue(), anyValue(), col- and rowAlls(), and col- and rowAnys(). Added more package tests to cover these cases. o BUG FIX: Now logSumExp(x, na.rm=TRUE) would return NA if all values were NA and length(x) > 1. Now it returns -Inf for all length(x):s. o CLEANUP: anyMissing() is no longer an S4 generic. This was done as part of the migration of making all functions of matrixStats plain R functions, which minimizes calling overhead and it will also allow us to drop 'methods' from the package dependencies. I've scanned all CRAN and Bioconductor packages depending on matrixStats and none of them relied on anyMissing() dispatching on class, so hopefully this move has little impact. The only remaining S4 methods are now colMedians() and rowMedians(). o CLEANUP: Package no longer depends on R.methodsS3.

Version: 0.13.1 [2015-01-21] o BUG FIX: diff2() with differences >= 3 would read spurious values beyond the allocated memory. This error, introduced in 0.13.0, was harmless in the sense that the returned value was unaffected and still correct. Thanks to Brian Ripley and the CRAN check tools for catching this. I could reproduce it locally with 'valgrind'.

Version: 0.13.0 [2015-01-20] o Added iqrDiff() and (col|row)IqrDiffs(). o CONSISTENCY: Now rowQuantiles(x, na.rm=TRUE) returns all NAs for rows with missing values. Analogously for colQuantiles(), colIQRs(), rowIQRs() and iqr(). Previously, all these functions gave an error saying missing values are not allowed. o SPEEDUP: (col|row)Diffs() are now implemented in native code and notably faster than diff() for matrices. o SPEEDUP: Added diff2(), which is notably faster than base::diff() for vectors, which it is designed for. o DOCUMENTATION: Added vignette summarizing available functions. o COMPLETENESS: Added corresponding "missing" vector functions for already existing column and row functions. Similarly, added "missing" column and row functions for already existing vector functions, e.g. added iqr() and count() to complement already existing (col|row)IQRs() and (col|row)Counts() functions. o SPEEDUP: Made binCounts() and binMeans() a bit faster. o SPEEDUP: Added count(x, value) which is a notably faster than sum(x == value). This can also be used to count missing values etc. Also, added allValue() and anyValue() for all(x == value) and any(x == value). o SPEEDUP: Implemented weightedMedian() in native code, which made it ~3-10 times faster. Dropped support for ties="both", because it would have to return two values in case of ties, which made the API unnecessarily complicated. If really needed, then call the function twice with ties="min" and ties="max". o SPEEDUP: Added weightedMean(), which is ~10 times faster than stats::weighted.mean(). o SPEEDUP: (col|row)Anys() and (col|row)Alls() is now notably faster compared to previous versions. o SPEEDUP/CLEANUP: Turned several S3 and S4 methods into plain R functions, which decreases the overhead of calling the functions. After this there are no longer any S3 methods. Remaining S4 methods are anyMissing() and rowMedians(). o ROBUSTNESS: Now column and row methods give slightly more informative error messages if a data.frame is passed instead of a matrix. o CLEANUP: In the effort of migrating anyMissing() into a plain R function, the specific anyMissing() implementations for data.frame:s and and list:s were dropped and is now handled by anyMissing() for "ANY", which is the only S4 method remaining now. In a near future release, this remaining "ANY" method will turned into a plain R function and the current S4 generic will be dropped. We know of know CRAN and Bioconductor packages that relies on it being a generic function. Note also that since R (>= 3.1.0) there is a base::anyNA() function that does the exact same thing making anyMissing() obsolete. o BUG FIX: weightedMedian(..., ties="both") would give an error if there was a tie. Added package test for this case.

Version: 0.12.2 [2014-12-07] o CODE FIX: The native code for product() on integer vector incorrectly used C-level abs() on intermediate values despite those being doubles requiring fabs(). Despite this, the calculated product would still be correct (at least when validated on several local setups as well as on the CRAN servers). Again, thanks to Brian Ripley for pointing out another invalid integer-double coersion at the C level.

Version: 0.12.1 [2014-12-06] o ROBUSTNESS: Updated package tests to check methods in more scenarios, especially with both integer and numeric input data. o BUG FIX: (col|row)Cumsums(x) where 'x' is integer would return garbage for columns (rows) containing missing values. o BUG FIX: rowMads(x) where 'x' is numeric (not integer) would give incorrect results for rows that had an odd number of values (no ties). Analogously issues with colMads(). Added package tests for such cases too. Thanks to Brian Ripley and the CRAN check tools for (yet again) catching another coding mistake. Details: This was because the C-level calculation of the absolute value of residuals toward the median would use integer-based abs() rather than double- based fabs(). Now it fabs() is used when the values are double and abs() when they are integers.

Version: 0.12.0 [2014-12-05] o Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 0.11.9 [2014-11-26] o Added (col|row)Cumsums(), (col|row)Cumprods(), (col|row)Cummins(), and (col|row)Cummaxs(). o BUG FIX: (col|row)WeightedMeans() with all zero weights gave mean estimates with values 0 instead of NaN.

Version: 0.11.8 [2014-11-25] o SPEEDUP: Implemented (col|row)Mads(), (col|row)Sds() and (col|row)Vars() in native code. o SPEEDUP: Made (col|row)Quantiles(x) faster for 'x' without missing values (and default type=7L quantiles). It should still be implemented in native code. o SPEEDUP: Made rowWeightedMeans() faster. o BUG FIX: (col|row)Medians(x) when 'x' is integer would give invalid median values in case (a) it was calculated as the mean of two values ("ties"), and (b) the sum of those values where greater than .Machine$integer.max. Now such ties are calculated using floating point precision. Add lots of package tests.

Version: 0.11.6 [2014-11-16] o SPEEDUP: Now (col|row)Mins(), (col|row)Maxs() and (col|row)Ranges() are implemented in native code providing a significant speedup. o SPEEDUP: Now colOrderStats() also is implemented in native code, which indirectly makes colMins(), colMaxs() and colRanges() faster. o SPEEDUP: colTabulates(x) no longer uses rowTabulates(t(x)). o SPEEDUP: colQuantiles(x) no longer uses rowQuantiles(t(x)). o CLEANUP: Argument 'flavor' of (col|row)Ranks() is now ignored.

Version: 0.11.5 [2014-11-15] o SPEEDUP: Now colCollapse(x) no longer utilizes rowCollapse(t(x)). Added package tests for (col|row)Collapse(). o SPEEDUP: Now colDiffs(x) no longer uses rowDiffs(t(x)). Added package tests for (col|row)Diffs(). o SPEEDUP: Package no longer utilizes match.arg() due to its overhead; methods sumOver(), (col|row)Prods() and (col|row)Ranks() were updated. o (col|row)Prods() now uses default method="direct" (was "expSumLog").

Version: 0.11.4 [2014-11-14] o Added support for vector input to several of the row- and column methods as long as the "intended" matrix dimension is specified via argument 'dim'. For instance, rowCounts(x, dim=c(nrow, ncol)) is the same as rowCounts(matrix(x, nrow, ncol)), but more efficient since it avoids creating/allocating a temporary matrix. o SPEEDUP: Now colCounts() is implemented in native code. Moreover, (col|row)Counts() are now also implemented in native code for logical input (previously only for integer and double input). Added more package tests and benchmarks for these functions.

Version: 0.11.3 [2014-11-11] o Turned sdDiff(), madDiff(), varDiff(), weightedSd(), weightedVar() and weightedMad() into plain functions (were generic functions). o Removed unnecessary usage of '::'.

Version: 0.11.2 [2014-11-09] o SPEEDUP: Implemented indexByRow() in native code and it is no longer a generic function, but a regular function, which is also faster to call. The first argument of indexByRow() has been changed to 'dim' such that one should use indexByRow(dim(X)) instead of indexByRow(X) as in the past. The latter form is still supported, but deprecated. o Added allocVector(), allocMatrix() and allocArray() for faster allocation numeric vectors, matrices and arrays, particularly when filled with non-missing values.

Version: 0.11.1 [2014-11-07] o Better support for long vectors. o ROBUSTNESS: Although unlikely, with long vectors support for binCounts() and binMeans() it is possible that a bin gets a higher count than what can be represented by an R integer (.Machine$integer.max=2^31-1). If that happens, an informative warning is generated and the bin count is set to .Machine$integer.max. If this happens for binMeans(), the corresponding mean is still properly calculated and valid. o PRECISION: Using greater floating-point precision in more internal intermediate calculations, where possible. o CLEANUP: Cleanup and harmonized the internal C API such there are two well defined API levels. The high-level API is called by R via .Call() and takes care of most of the argument validation and construction of the return value. This function dispatch to functions in the low-level API based on data type(s) and other arguments. The low-level API is written to work with basic C data types only. o BUG FIX: Package incorrectly redefined R_xlen_t on R (>= 3.0.0) systems where LONG_VECTOR_SUPPORT is not supported.

Version: 0.11.0 [2014-11-02] o Added sumOver() and meanOver(), which are notably faster versions of sum(x[idxs]) and mean(x[idxs]). Moreover, instead of having to do sum(as.numeric(x)) to avoid integer overflow when 'x' is an integer vector, one can do sumOver(x, mode="numeric"), which avoids the extra copy created when coercing to numeric (this numeric copy is also twice as large as the integer vector). Added package tests and benchmark reports for these functions.

Version: 0.10.4 [2014-11-01] o SPEEDUP: Made anyMissing(), logSumExp(), (col|row)Medians(), (col|row)Counts() slightly faster by making the native code assign the results directly to the native vector instead of to the R vector, e.g. ansp[i] = v where ansp=REAL(ans) instead of REAL(ans)[i] = v. o Added benchmark reports for anyMissing() and logSumExp().

Version: 0.10.3 [2014-10-01] o BUG FIX: binMeans() returned 0.0 instead of NA_real_ for empty bins.

Version: 0.10.2 [2014-09-01] o BUG FIX: On some systems, the package failed to build on R (<= 2.15.3) with compilation error: "redefinition of typedef 'R_xlen_t'".

Version: 0.10.1 [2014-06-09] o Added benchmark reports for also non-matrixStats functions col/rowSums() and col/rowMeans(). o Now all colNnn() and rowNnn() methods are benchmarked in a combined report making it possible to also compare colNnn(x) with rowNnn(t(x)).

Version: 0.10.0 [2014-06-07] o BUG FIX: The package tests for product() incorrectly assumed that the value of prod(c(NaN, NA)) is uniquely defined. However, as documented in help("is.nan"), it may be NA or NaN depending on R system/platform. o Relaxed some packages tests such that they assert numerical correctness via all.equal() rather than identical(). o Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 0.9.7 [2014-06-05] o BUG FIX: Introduced a bug in v0.9.5 causing col- and rowVars() and hence also col- and rowSds() to return garbage. Add package tests for these now. o Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 0.9.6 [2014-06-04] o SPEEDUP: Now col- and rowProds() utilizes new product() function. o SPEEDUP: Added product() for calculating the product of a numeric vector via the logarithm. o Added signTabulate() for tabulating the number of negatives, zeros, positives and missing values. For doubles, the number of negative and positive infinite values are also counted.

Version: 0.9.5 [2014-06-04] o Added argument 'method' to col- and rowProds() for controlling how the product is calculated. o SPEEDUP: Package is now byte compiled. o SPEEDUP: Made weightedMedian() a plain function (was an S3 method). o SPEEDUP: Made rowProds() and rowTabulates() notably faster. o SPEEDUP: Now rowCounts(), rowAnys(), rowAlls() and corresponding column methods can search for any value in addition to the default TRUE. The search for a matching integer or double value is done in native code, which is notably faster (and more memory efficient because it avoids creating any new objects). o SPEEDUP: Made colVars() and colSds() notably faster and rowVars() and rowSds() a slightly bit faster. o SPEEDUP: Turned more S4 methods into S3 methods, e.g. rowCounts(), rowAlls(), rowAnys(), rowTabulates() and rowCollapse(). o Added benchmark reports, e.g. matrixStats:::benchmark('colMins'). o CLEANUP: Now only exporting plain functions and generic functions.

Version: 0.9.4 [2014-05-23] o SPEEDUP: Turned several S4 methods into S3 methods, e.g. indexByRow(), madDiff(), sdDiff() and varDiff().

Version: 0.9.3 [2014-04-26] o Added argument 'trim' to madDiff(), sdDiff() and varDiff().

Version: 0.9.2 [2014-04-04] o BUG FIX: The native code of binMeans(x, bx) would try to access an out-of-bounds value of argument 'y' iff 'x' contained elements that are left of all bins in 'bx'. This bug had no impact on the results and since no assignment was done it should also not crash/ core dump R. This was discovered thanks to new memtests (ASAN and valgrind) provided by CRAN.

Version: 0.9.1 [2014-03-31] o BUG FIX: rowProds() would throw "Error in rowSums(isNeg) : 'x' must be an array of at least two dimensions" on matrices where all rows contained at least one zero. Thanks to Roel Verbelen at KU Leuven for the report.

Version: 0.9.0 [2014-03-26] o Added weighedVar() and weightedSd().

Version: 0.8.14 [2013-11-23] o MEMORY: Updated all functions to do a better job of cleaning out temporarily allocated objects as soon as possible such that the garbage collector can remove them sooner, iff wanted. This increase the chance for a smaller memory footprint. o Submitted to CRAN.

Version: 0.8.13 [2013-10-08] o Added argument 'right' to binCounts() and binMeans() to specify whether binning should be done by (u,v] or [u,v). Added system tests validating the correctness of the two cases. o Bumped up package dependencies.

Version: 0.8.12 [2013-09-26] o SPEEDUP: Now utilizing anyMissing() everywhere possible.

Version: 0.8.11 [2013-09-21] o ROBUSTNESS: Now importing 'loadMethod' from 'methods' package such that 'matrixStats' S4-based methods also work when 'methods' is not loaded, e.g. when 'Rscript' is used, cf. Section 'Default packages' in 'R Installation and Administration'. o ROBUSTNESS: Updates package system tests such that the can run with only the 'base' package loaded.

Version: 0.8.10 [2013-09-15] o CLEANUP: Now only importing two functions from the 'methods' package. o Bumped up package dependencies.

Version: 0.8.9 [2013-08-29] o CLEANUP: Now the package startup message acknowledges argument 'quietly' of library()/require().

Version: 0.8.8 [2013-07-29] o DOCUMENTATION: The dimension of the return value was swapped in help("rowQuantiles").

Version: 0.8.7 [2013-07-28] o SPEEDUP: Made (col|row)Mins() and (col|row)Maxs() much faster. o BUG FIX: rowRanges(x) on an Nx0 matrix would give an error. Same for colRanges(x) on an 0xN matrix. Added system tests for these and other special cases.

Version: 0.8.6 [2013-07-20] o Forgot to declare S3 methods (col|row)WeightedMedians(). o Bumped up package dependencies.

Version: 0.8.5 [2013-05-25] o Minor speedup of (col|row)Tabulates() by replacing rm() calls with NULL assignments.

Version: 0.8.4 [2013-05-20] o CRAN POLICY: Now all Rd \usage{} lines are at most 90 characters long.

Version: 0.8.3 [2013-05-10] o SPEEDUP: binCounts() and binMeans() now uses Hoare's Quicksort for presorting 'x' before counting/averaging. They also no longer test in every iteration (=for every data point) whether the last bin has been reached or not, but only after completing a bin.

Version: 0.8.2 [2013-05-02] o DOCUMENTATION: Minor corrections and updates to help pages.

Version: 0.8.1 [2013-05-02] o BUG FIX: Native code of logSumExp() used an invalid check for missing value of an integer argument. Detected by Brian Ripley upon CRAN submission.

Version: 0.8.0 [2013-05-01] o Added logSumExp(lx) and (col|row)LogSumExps(lx) for accurately computing of log(sum(exp(lx))) for standalone vectors, and row and column vectors of matrices. Thanks to Nakayama (Japan) for the suggestion and contributing a draft in R.

Version: 0.7.1 [2013-04-23] o Added argument 'preserveShape' to colRanks(). For backward compatibility the default is preserveShape=FALSE, but it may change in the future. o BUG FIX: Since v0.6.4, (col|row)Ranks() gave the incorrect results for integer matrices with missing values. o BUG FIX: Since v0.6.4, (col|row)Medians() for integers would calculate ties as floor(tieAvg).

Version: 0.7.0 [2013-01-14] o Now (col|row)Ranks() support "max" (default), "min" and "average" for argument 'ties.method'. Added system tests validation these cases. Thanks Peter Langfelder (UCLA) for contributing this.

Version: 0.6.4 [2013-01-13] o Added argument 'ties.method' to rowRanks() and colRanks(), but still only support for "max" (as before). o ROBUSTNESS: Lots of cleanup of the internal/native code. Native code for integer and double cases have been harmonized and are now generated from a common code template. This was inspired by code contributions from Peter Langfelder (UCLA).

Version: 0.6.3 [2013-01-13] o Added anyMissing() for data type 'raw', which always returns FALSE. o ROBUSTNESS: Added system test for anyMissing(). o ROBUSTNESS: Now S3 methods are declared in the namespace.

Version: 0.6.2 [2012-11-15] o CRAN POLICY: Made example(weightedMedian) faster.

Version: 0.6.1 [2012-10-10] o BUG FIX: In some cases binCounts() and binMeans() could try to go past the last bin resulting a core dump. o BUG FIX: binCounts() and binMeans() would return random/garbage values for bins that were beyond the last data point.

Version: 0.6.0 [2012-10-04] o Added binMeans() for fast sample-mean calculation in bins. Thanks to Martin Morgan at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, for contributing the core code for this. o Added binCounts() for fast element counting in bins.

Version: 0.5.3 [2012-09-10] o CRAN POLICY: Replaced the .Internal(psort(...)) call with a call to a new internal partial sorting function, which utilizes the native rPsort() part of the R internals.

Version: 0.5.2 [2012-07-02] o Updated package dependencies to match CRAN.

Version: 0.5.1 [2012-06-25] o GENERALIZATION: Now (col|row)Prods() handle missing values. o BUG FIX: In certain cases, (col|row)Prods() would return NA instead of 0 for some elements. Added a redundancy test for the case. Thanks Brenton Kenkel at University of Rochester for reporting on this. o Now this package only imports methods.

Version: 0.5.0 [2012-04-16] o Added weightedMad() from aroma.core v2.5.0. o Added weightedMedian() from aroma.light v1.25.2. o This package no longer depends on the aroma.light package for any of its functions. o Now this package only imports R.methodsS3, meaning it no longer loads R.methodsS3 when it is loaded.

Version: 0.4.5 [2012-03-19] o Updated the default argument 'centers' of rowMads()/colMads() to explicitly be (col|row)Medians(x,...). The default behavior has not changed.

Version: 0.4.4 [2012-03-05] o BUG FIX: colMads() would return the incorrect estimates. This bug was introduced in matrixStats v0.4.0 (2011-11-11). o ROBUSTNESS: Added system/redundancy tests for rowMads()/colMads(). o CRAN: Made the system tests "lighter" by default, but full tests can still be run, cf. tests/*.R scripts.

Version: 0.4.3 [2011-12-11] o BUG FIX: rowMedians(..., na.rm=TRUE) did not handle NaN (only NA). The reason for this was the the native code used ISNA() to test for NA and NaN, but it should have been ISNAN(), which is opposite to how and is.nan() at the R level work. Added system tests for this case.

Version: 0.4.2 [2011-11-29] o Added rowAvgsPerColSet() and colAvgsPerRowSet().

Version: 0.4.1 [2011-11-25] o Added help pages with an example to rowIQRs() and colIQRs(). o Added example to rowQuantiles(). o BUG FIX: rowIQRs() and colIQRs() would return the 25% and the 75% quantiles, not the difference between them. Thanks Pierre Neuvial at CNRS, Evry, France for the report.

Version: 0.4.0 [2011-11-11] o Added rowRanks() and colRanks(). Thanks Hector Corrada Bravo (University of Maryland) and Harris Jaffee (John Hopkins). o Dropped the previously introduced expansion of 'center' in rowMads() and colMads(). It added unnecessary overhead if not needed.

Version: 0.3.0 [2011-10-13] o SPEEDUP/LESS MEMORY: colMedians(x) no longer uses rowMedians(t(x)); instead there is now an optimized native-code implementation. Also, colMads() utilizes the new colMedians() directly. This improvement was kindly contributed by Harris Jaffee at Biostatistics of John Hopkins, USA. o Added additional unit tests for colMedians() and rowMedians().

Version: 0.2.2 [2010-10-06] o Now the result of (col|row)Quantiles() contains column names.

Version: 0.2.1 [2010-04-05] o Added a startup message when package is loaded. o CLEAN UP: Removed obsolete internal .First.lib() and .Last.lib().

Version: 0.2.0 [2010-03-30] o DOCUMENTATION: Fixed some incorrect cross references.

Version: 0.1.9 [2010-02-03] o BUG FIX: (col|row)WeightedMeans(..., na.rm=TRUE) would incorrectly treat missing values as zeros. Added corresponding redundancy tests (also for the median case). Thanks Pierre Neuvial for reporting this.

Version: 0.1.8 [2009-11-13] o BUG FIX: colRanges(x) would return a matrix of wrong dimension if 'x' did not have any missing values. This would affect all functions relying on colRanges(), e.g. colMins() and colMaxs(). Added a redundancy test for this case. Thanks Pierre Neuvial at UC Berkeley for reporting this. o BUG FIX: (col|row)Ranges() return a matrix with dimension names.

Version: 0.1.7 [2009-06-20] WORKAROUND: Cannot use "%#x" in rowTabulates() when creating the column names of the result matrix. It gave an error OSX with R v2.9.0 devel (2009-01-13 r47593b) current the OSX server at R-forge.

Version: 0.1.6 [2009-06-17] o Updated the Rdoc example for rowWeightedMedians() to run conditionally on aroma.light, which is only a suggested package - not a required one. This in order to prevent R CMD check to fail on CRAN, which prevents it for building binaries (as it currently happens on their OSX servers).

Version: 0.1.5 [2009-02-04] o BUG FIX: For some errors in rowOrderStats(), the stack would not become UNPROTECTED before calling error.

Version: 0.1.4 [2009-02-02] o Added methods (col|row)Weighted(Mean|Median)s() for weighted averaging. o Added more Rdoc comments. o Package passes R CMD check flawlessly.

Version: 0.1.3 [2008-07-30] o Added (col|row)Tabulates() for integer and raw matrices. o BUG FIX: rowCollapse(x) was broken and returned the wrong elements.

Version: 0.1.2 [2008-04-13] o Added (col|row)Collapse(). o Added varDiff(), sdDiff() and madDiff(). o Added indexByRow().

Version: 0.1.1 [2008-03-25] o Added (col|row)OrderStats(). o Added (col|row)Ranges() and (col|row)(Min|Max)s(). o Added colMedians(). o Now anyMissing() support most data types as structures.

Version: 0.1.0 [2007-11-26] o Imported the rowNnn() methods from Biobase. o Created.

Reference manual

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