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RcppExamples — by Dirk Eddelbuettel, 3 years ago

Examples using 'Rcpp' to Interface R and C++

Examples for Seamless R and C++ integration The 'Rcpp' package contains a C++ library that facilitates the integration of R and C++ in various ways. This package provides some usage examples. Note that the documentation in this package currently does not cover all the features in the package. It is not even close. On the other hand, the site < http://gallery.rcpp.org> is regrouping a large number of examples for 'Rcpp'.

RcppBDT — by Dirk Eddelbuettel, 5 years ago

Rcpp bindings for the Boost Date_Time library

This package provides R with access to Boost Date_Time functionality by using Rcpp modules. Functionality from Boost Date_Time for dates, durations (both for days and datetimes), timezones, and posix time ("ptime") is provided. The posix time implementation can support high-resolution of up to nano-second precision by using 96 bits (instead of R's 64) to present a ptime object.

FAdist — by Thomas Petzoldt, 4 years ago

Distributions that are Sometimes Used in Hydrology

Probability distributions that are sometimes useful in hydrology.

ttwa — by Francois Semecurbe, 6 years ago

Travel To Work Area.

This package makes Travel To Work Area from a commuting flow data frame.

ecolottery — by François Munoz, 2 years ago

Coalescent-Based Simulation of Ecological Communities

Coalescent-Based Simulation of Ecological Communities as proposed by Munoz et al. (2017) . The package includes a tool for estimating parameters of community assembly by using Approximate Bayesian Computation.

tinyProject — by Francois Guillem, 5 days ago

A Lightweight Template for Data Analysis Projects

Creates useful files and folders for data analysis projects and provides functions to manage data, scripts and output files. Also provides a project template for 'Rstudio'.

RCALI — by Jean-Francois Rey, 5 months ago

Calculation of the Integrated Flow of Particles Between Polygons

Calculate the flow of particles between polygons by two integration methods: integration by a cubature method and integration on a grid of points. Annie Bouvier, Kien Kieu, Kasia Adamczyk and Herve Monod (2009) .

briskaR — by Jean-Francois Rey, a year ago

Biological Risk Assessment

A spatio-temporal exposure-hazard model for assessing biological risk and impact. The model is based on stochastic geometry for describing the landscape and the exposed individuals, a dispersal kernel for the dissemination of contaminants and an ecotoxicological equation. Walker E, Leclerc M, Rey JF, Beaudouin R, Soubeyrand S, and Messean A, (2017), A Spatio-Temporal Exposure-Hazard Model for Assessing Biological Risk and Impact, Risk Analysis, .

JADE — by Klaus Nordhausen, a year ago

Blind Source Separation Methods Based on Joint Diagonalization and Some BSS Performance Criteria

Cardoso's JADE algorithm as well as his functions for joint diagonalization are ported to R. Also several other blind source separation (BSS) methods, like AMUSE and SOBI, and some criteria for performance evaluation of BSS algorithms, are given. The package is described in Miettinen, Nordhausen and Taskinen (2017) .

antaresRead — by Frederic Breant, 4 months ago

Import, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation

Import, manipulate and explore results generated by 'Antares', a powerful open source software developed by RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité) to simulate and study electric power systems (more information about 'Antares' here : < https://github.com/AntaresSimulatorTeam/Antares_Simulator>). You can see the results of several ANTARES studies here : < http://bpnumerique.rte-france.com/>.