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ggnetwork — by Francois Briatte, 3 years ago

Geometries to Plot Networks with 'ggplot2'

Geometries to plot network objects with 'ggplot2'.

missMDA — by Francois Husson, a day ago

Handling Missing Values with Multivariate Data Analysis

Imputation of incomplete continuous or categorical datasets; Missing values are imputed with a principal component analysis (PCA), a multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) model or a multiple factor analysis (MFA) model; Perform multiple imputation with and in PCA or MCA.

GGally — by Barret Schloerke, 8 months ago

Extension to 'ggplot2'

The R package 'ggplot2' is a plotting system based on the grammar of graphics. 'GGally' extends 'ggplot2' by adding several functions to reduce the complexity of combining geometric objects with transformed data. Some of these functions include a pairwise plot matrix, a two group pairwise plot matrix, a parallel coordinates plot, a survival plot, and several functions to plot networks.

spaMM — by Fran├žois Rousset, 10 days ago

Mixed-Effect Models, Particularly Spatial Models

Inference based on mixed-effect models, including generalized linear mixed models with spatial correlations and models with non-Gaussian random effects (e.g., Beta). Variation in residual variance (heteroscedasticity) can itself be represented by a generalized linear mixed model. Various approximations of likelihood or restricted likelihood are implemented, in particular h-likelihood (Lee and Nelder 2001 ) and Laplace approximation.

svTools — by Philippe Grosjean, 7 months ago

Wrappers for Tools in Other Packages for IDE Friendliness

Set of tools aimed at wrapping some of the functionalities of the packages tools, utils and codetools into a nicer format so that an IDE can use them.

lidR — by Jean-Romain Roussel, 22 days ago

Airborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization for Forestry Applications

Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) interface for data manipulation and visualization. Read/write 'las' and 'laz' files, computation of metrics in area based approach, point filtering, artificial point reduction, classification from geographic data, normalization, individual tree segmentation and other manipulations.

rncl — by Francois Michonneau, 6 months ago

An Interface to the Nexus Class Library

An interface to the Nexus Class Library which allows parsing of NEXUS, Newick and other phylogenetic tree file formats. It provides elements of the file that can be used to build phylogenetic objects such as ape's 'phylo' or phylobase's 'phylo4(d)'. This functionality is demonstrated with 'read_newick_phylo()' and 'read_nexus_phylo()'.

foghorn — by Francois Michonneau, 9 months ago

Summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal

The CRAN check results in your R terminal.

farver — by Thomas Lin Pedersen, 2 months ago

Vectorised Colour Conversion and Comparison

The encoding of colour can be handled in many different ways, using different colour spaces. As different colour spaces have different uses, efficient conversion between these representations are important. The 'farver' package provides a set of functions that gives access to very fast colour space conversion and comparisons implemented in C++, and offers 100-fold speed improvements over the 'convertColor' function in the 'grDevices' package.

KenSyn — by Francois Brun (ACTA), a year ago

Knowledge Synthesis in Agriculture - From Experimental Network to Meta-Analysis

Demo and datasets accompanying the book "Knowledge Synthesis: From Experimental Network to Meta-Analysis" (Makowski, Piraux and Brun, in preparation for December 2017).