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RcppParallel — by Kevin Ushey, 3 months ago

Parallel Programming Tools for 'Rcpp'

High level functions for parallel programming with 'Rcpp'. For example, the 'parallelFor()' function can be used to convert the work of a standard serial "for" loop into a parallel one and the 'parallelReduce()' function can be used for accumulating aggregate or other values.

svMisc — by Philippe Grosjean, a year ago

SciViews - Miscellaneous Functions

Miscellaneous functions for SciViews or general use: manage a temporary environment attached to the search path for temporary variables you do not want to save() or load(), test if Aqua, Mac, Win, ... Show progress bar, etc.

highlight — by ORPHANED, 2 years ago

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax highlighter for R code based on the results of the R parser. Rendering in HTML and latex markup. Custom Sweave driver performing syntax highlighting of R code chunks.

FactoMineR — by Francois Husson, 2 months ago

Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining

Exploratory data analysis methods to summarize, visualize and describe datasets. The main principal component methods are available, those with the largest potential in terms of applications: principal component analysis (PCA) when variables are quantitative, correspondence analysis (CA) and multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) when variables are categorical, Multiple Factor Analysis when variables are structured in groups, etc. and hierarchical cluster analysis. F. Husson, S. Le and J. Pages (2017).

data.table — by Matt Dowle, 5 months ago

Extension of `data.frame`

Fast aggregation of large data (e.g. 100GB in RAM), fast ordered joins, fast add/modify/delete of columns by group using no copies at all, list columns, friendly and fast character-separated-value read/write. Offers a natural and flexible syntax, for faster development.

phylobase — by Francois Michonneau, 7 months ago

Base Package for Phylogenetic Structures and Comparative Data

Provides a base S4 class for comparative methods, incorporating one or more trees and trait data.

operators — by Romain Francois, 4 years ago

Additional Binary Operators

A set of binary operators for common tasks such as regex manipulation.

inline — by Dirk Eddelbuettel, a year ago

Functions to Inline C, C++, Fortran Function Calls from R

Functionality to dynamically define R functions and S4 methods with 'inlined' C, C++ or Fortran code supporting the .C and .Call calling conventions.

Rcpp11 — by Romain Francois, 5 years ago

R and C++11

Rcpp11 includes a header only C++11 library that facilitates integration between R and modern C++.

webshot — by Winston Chang, a year ago

Take Screenshots of Web Pages

Takes screenshots of web pages, including Shiny applications and R Markdown documents.